New Hip Hop Group The Hated Crew Drops Hard-Hitting New Single “Boss On ’Em”

The Hated Crew is a hip-hop collective hailing from Las Vegas, NV. Leading the charge is Dan “DJ Zig Zag” Baker, other members of the group include 22-year-old Vegas-based artist Golden The Prophet, 24-year-old rapper KG $ THC, Dj JayFade is a published and promotional model, and a young East Coast rapper from New York called Tax Free. These artists are infusing the old techniques that have been lost with the soul of music that used to exist and combining that with progressive new sounds that are truly original. The result is a sound unlike any other. The group just finished their first album, “The Watchers”, set to drop in October and their debut single, “Body Bags,” drops Sept 13. It’s a song that Zig Zag said serves as a statement to the world that they are here to make a major impact on the music industry and “murder the rap scene with good lyrics.” 

We checked out The Hated Crews track “Boss On ‘Em”. It balances the nostalgic embrace of a retro, industrial-style hip hop beat, with an increasingly passionate and energetic leading vocal. The intensity and boldness of the performance and the lyrics grow stronger every step of the way. “Boss On ‘Em” is a structurally compelling and hard-hitting piece of music that feels a little like a classic from a simpler time. In the same instance, the emotion and power the artists put into the delivery introduces a new style and sense of character. Intensity is key here, that beat pours through, meanwhile these ideas and these fragments of sound and samples in the outer edges all lean in a creative and decidedly relevant direction. “Boss On ‘EM” introduces The Hated Crew with a bang, showcasing a sense of determination, grit, and conceptual intention. We can’t wait to hear more, stay tuned for the album drop! 

Check out “Boss On ‘Em” here and keep scrolling for more with The Hated Crew in our exclusive interview below!


Hey guys welcome to BuzzMusic! How long have you been making music?

Golden has Been making music for about 3 years and as a group making music with thc for about 6 months. KGXTHC has been making music for 9 years, and has been making music. With THC for about 5 years now pretty much most of the guys in THC has used music to forget the environment we where force live in.

Tell us about your track “Boss On ‘EM”! We love what we hear so far! 

The song was created just vibing off to the beat inside tigerXrecording studios feeling good and had great chemistry on the beat and the premise of the be every rappers ideal lifestyles is based on being a boss and flexing on em! 

What does releasing your debut album represent for you? What can listeners expect from this project?

Representing our best work to date, being our first project the potential we carry and lyricism we develop we are sure to bring more to the culture as the years come 

 Our fans better be ready for diversity with great lyrics and amazing sound with beats by yours truly 'hellabeats'.

What are your thoughts on the current hip hop landscape?

Hip hops current phase has a lot of diversity, excitement, emotion, hype, etc. definitely looking forward to making an impact on the culture and its history and adding to the success it's had in music.

What are the main values you want to represent as a hip-hop group? 

Inspiration is the biggest value we want, definitely to inspire the world, and most importantly the youth, and our environment we live in. Follow your dreams and enjoy the pleasure of hard work! 


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