NEW MUSIC ALERT: LIVENOAH Releases New Track "When All Your Friends Are Bartenders"

Hailing from New York, singer-songwriter LIVENOAH is making waves in the music world. Known for his vigorous energy, LIVENOAH delivers countless tracks that get it right every time. LIVENOAH can produce a variety of sounds within his music, making for the perfect calming (yet energetic when you need it to be) blend. Once giving an initial listen to LIVENOAH, you'll know he isn't an artist to be missed out on. His rhythm and tune are completely in check, and we're resonating with some of the blatant messages behind LIVENOAH's music! As an artist who knows how to integrate soft, hard, alluring, yet personal elements to a song, LIVENOAH will never be questioned on his passion and willingness to elevate music with his stylings.

LIVENOAH has recently released "When All Your Friends Are Bartenders" and we're seriously digging the bluesy/soul vibe that's heavily integrated within the song. LIVENOAH captures the very essence of old-school blues, and it's what made the song completely stand out to us. "When All Your Friends Are Bartenders" has such a genuine tone to it, and embodies the story of an individual that's truly struggling with themselves. It's a mellow track for sure, but the fast-paced hook is what will get your heart going in "When All Your Friends Are Bartenders". We all know that LIVENOAH is acoustic-driven with his tracks, and "When All Your Friends Are Bartenders" is no different. LIVENOAH can successfully execute the track by adding in a variety of musical elements to amplify the overall sound. We're finding ourselves getting caught up in the emotions the track projects onto its listeners, and we know this won't be the time we give LIVENOAH a listen!

Discover LIVENOAH's latest track here, and continue reading for their exclusive interview!

Hey LIVENOAH! Great to be presenting your latest track here on BuzzMusic! What was the production of "When All Your Friends Are Bartenders" like?

Recording "When All Your Friends Are Bartenders" was a wild ride. Its the first song I ever professionally recorded so I came into the studio space as a puppy.  The song is a fast paced, jammy type of drinking song but there were some not so light moments in the studio. I came in with "first day of school" energy and excitement and thought i fully understood and communicated my role in the production process but I quickly realized my producer and I were on different pages. While I was having a blast he was getting frustrated and finally I had to call a timeout and invite him over for a beer and a conversation to figure out why it wasn't working. It was simple. He thought I hired him to fly the plane and I thought I was flying the plane. And once we realized the issue he, generously, let me have the drivers seat while staying close behind and being an incredible GPS.  The song has so much more on it than when I wrote it on my couch with my acoustic guitar and its a testament to working through a tough moment with my producer and both sharing the vision of what the song could be: a sweet summer jam. 

What was the integral message integrated within "When All Your Friends Are Bartenders" that you wanted listeners to really feel?

I want listeners to first feel joy. The song moves.  It never slows down and only builds and builds and builds and its meant to be played loud with the windows down or hanging out with friends with a beer or hopefully from the jukebox in your hometown bar.  On your second or third listen I want the listener to pick up on the dichotomy of the lyrics.  Maybe the singer actually has a complicated relationship with the bar.  Maybe he's lonely in his small town.  Maybe he's looking for company in the wrong places. And finally...maybe he's not alone...maybe I can relate. 

What's your fanbase like in New York? How do you find the overall music scene where you primarily reside in New York?!

The fan base here in Upstate NY is second to none. This city is essentially split between those that want singalong cover songs and those that are seeking out the local talent that are pouring their souls out on stage. I wouldn't want to be playing anywhere else at this stage in the game. 

How would you describe the emotions you want your listeners to feel when listening to your music?

Mostly, for this single, I want my listeners to feel light and free and joyous. Its' a jam. They should have a drink close by and some friends to twirl around like the music video. I also want them to feel connected. While the music is relentlessly upbeat, the lyrics are a bit more complex. If any of my listeners feel loneliness in their lives I hope they leave this song feeling a drop more hopeful that we're all in this together. 

Are you planning on releasing any new singles in the near future?!

YES! I am currently in the studio working on the full EP. I'm gonna let this song ride for a couple months and can confidently say the next single will be out in the next 3 months. STAY TUNED!

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