NEW MUSIC: “Dotted Line” By Jaonere Will Give You Chills

London-based singer, songwriter Jaonere has been singing since he can remember. With a diverse list of musical influences, Jaonere pulls inspiration from everywhere. From listening to rock and motown with his father, mimicking the hi-life his mother would play as she cooked or staying up late to watch Trevor Nelson’s Lick Chart on MTV Base with his siblings, he knew he wanted a career in music.

Jaonere’s latest release titled “Dotted Line”, is the first release from his upcoming EP. Flawlessly merging elements of R&B and indie-rock, Jaonere highlights through his melodic harmonies the frustration of committing to something he hasn’t quite “signed up for”. The song has a fairly full sound about it, despite the smooth vibes and soulful vocals, the ambiance has plenty of detail and the pace is a little quicker than the average R&B or smooth pop offering. The synths featured throughout pour even more of this into the mix, so you’re already introduced to a somewhat retro and uplifting musicality before you even get into the vocals and the lyrics. Jaonere explores the feeling of wanting to give up after facing many obstacles but continues all for the love of it. We can’t wait to hear what Jaonere delivers next! Stay tuned for his much-anticipated EP! 

Listen to “Dotted Line” here and read more with Jaonere below! 

Welcome to BuzzMusic! We love your sound! When did you start making music?

Thank you! Thanks for having me! I started writing songs when I was like 10 years old with one of my sisters. We’d give each other 20 minutes to write a song and then we’d perform it back to each other *laughs*. You can tell we were bored kids but had a big imagination when it came to entertaining ourselves. The first time I got into the studio I was 17. It was the summer and I was going into the second year of college, which in the US would be classified as the twelfth grade. A friend of mine was a rapper at the time and he knew I could sing so he asked to do a track with me. We put out a few songs on Myspace at the time but that’s as far as they went *laughs*. Throughout University and after I was still writing and lending my voice for people’s hooks but I just didn’t feel confident enough to be out there as a solo artist until four years ago.

Can you talk more about the lyrics in "Dotted Line"?

The song starts off quite reflective and I even beat myself up about how past events have occurred which have left me feeling low and wanting to give up. I’m losing faith in the whole process and remembering a time when making music was playful and fun. The lyrics “Dotted Line” can be open to interpretation, which is the beautiful thing about the song. “This ain’t what I signed up for”, is a phrase I’m sure many people can relate to once they’re already deep in a situation, especially if they are a musician. There are so many obstacles and hurdles that you have to overcome to achieve and fulfill your vison, which is why I say in the song “I have these visions that will need to grow / living in this madness ain’t unusual” *laughs*. “There’s no small print or guarantee” that you’ll be able to make a decent living from being a musician but you do for the love of it. “Hold my hand but let’s not move to fast / It’s a rollercoaster but gotta make it last”, is also similar to the notion of falling in-love with someone but wanting to take it slow because you don’t ever want it to end. However, this line can also reveal fear, and questioning if you’re ready for this – the music industry.

"Dotted Lines" seems to have a diverse lyrical depth to it! What was the writing process like for this track?

I was listening to an Old Skl Hip Hop playlist on Spotify last year and Ice Cube – It Was A Good Day came on and I started singing in my falsetto “This ain’t what I signed up for, this aint what I signed up for woahhhhoohhhh”. I kept on repeating it to myself because it mirrored a situation in music that I was currently going through. I later decided to record myself singing it on my Instagram story and made a poll asking if my followers if they wanted a full song. All of my followers clicked on yes and sent clapping emojis etc *laughs*. So I said to myself I need to use this hook for my next project, even if it was going to be an interlude, I have to use it. I didn’t see myself getting clearance to use the actual instrumental so I found an LA producer on Instagram called, TheSkyBeats, and he had a beat I really liked. I started writing the verses and a pre-chorus on my phone notes over two days whenever the lyrics came to me. It was important I didn’t force or rush the process because the inspiration for the song came from a place of such frustration and doubt and I wanted that to come across in the lyrics. I then got my guitarist, Jordan Momani, to play some strings on his electric guitar over it at the studio.

How do you think your diverse influences help to develop your sound?

It helped massively as I had inspiration from so many different singing styles and genres. My father loved Motown and I was obsessed with Sam Cooke’s music when I was in my teens. I think that’s where I got my “Woahhhh” runs from *laughs*. Motown was always playing in the car when I was younger as my Dad drove me to school, along with Soft Rock. My mother always played Highlife in the house which is part of my Ghanaian culture. My older siblings listened to a lot of R&B and Hip Hop. All of these influences allowed me to appreciate so many different sounds at a young age. People often made fun of my taste in music at school, or they just didn’t understand why I listened to the music I did…*laughs*. But all of these influences have brought me to the sound I am creating today. “Dotted Line” is definitely insight for what more is to come!

What can we expect from your upcoming EP? Do you have an expected release date?

The EP will have elements of Old Skl R&B with a contemporary indie rock spin on it. You can expect sounds similar to “Dotted Line”. I can say I still have a little bit more to let off my chest… *laughs* no names will be mentioned though smile. The EP is likely to be out in January 2020. I don’t have a date confirmed just yet, but Buzz-Music will be the first to know once I do.

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