New Music Friday: Nathan Zarowny Releases "Why"

Nathan Zarowny, a Canadian singer-songwriter, got his start online by releasing cover videos of some of his favorite artists. Now in 2020, he will be releasing his debut original music to the world. This hardworking artist spent 2019 creating music with Juno nominated producer Brad Simons, and producer Robbie Townsend. Nathan combines alternative with pop to craft his unique sound that can only be described as compelling and hauntingly dreamy. This young and fresh artist is sure to wow audiences with his inspiring music.

Nathan’s debut single “Why” is a truly captivating song with a strong message behind it. “Why” focuses on the struggles of mental health that so many people deal with in today’s society. It is a chilling anthem that resonates with the listener in a heartbreakingly beautiful and relatable way. The lyrics are so raw and real that you feel an immediate emotional attachment to Nathan’s song. The melody and production of the music is astounding. Hauntingly dreamy and gripping are the words that come to mind. The combination of the instrumentation with certain sound effects and production techniques amplify the lyrics into an anthemic ballad. “Why” is a completely mesmerizing and immersive listening experience. This song belongs on the radio charts next to the likes of Shawn Mendes, Lauv, and Billie Eilish just to name a few.

Listen to "Why" here.

Hey Nathan and welcome to BuzzMusic! Congratulations on your new debut single! Tell us what do you have planned for 2020?

Hey thank you for having me! I think my plan for 2020 is to continue to write more music and hopefully release an EP sometime this year. I would definitely like to

Performing live as much as I can, but dreaming big I would love to have the chance to open up for someone.

What made you want to start creating music? What made you make the push that 2020 was going to be the year for you and your music career?

I honestly just have a genuine passion for music. I was doing it as a hobby for the longest time and I thought to myself if its something I'm always thinking about, why not take it a step further.

We love your new song "Why." As mental illness is highlighted in "Why" can you dive into the deeper meaning behind the meaning?

Thank you I'm glad you guys like it! To be honest I wrote this song at a darker point in my life. It was one of the very first songs I ever wrote, and it kinda just highlights what people can tend to go through when struggling with mental health. The emotions that can come with that can be dark, chaotic, and sad and that's what I think “Why?” really portrays.

As this is your debut single, did you face any challenges in the creative process? Could you give any advice to new artists like yourself? 

When writing “Why?” It actually came pretty quickly as I had a good idea of what I wanted to get across. In the studio, though I wasn’t sure how the song was gonna come out. Me and a couple of producers threw across different ideas, and it ended up turning into this Alt/Pop almost grunge style anthem. My advice to other new artists would be just working hard, write constantly, and practice as much as you can!

Thank you for talking with us Nathan, and congratulations on your new song! When can we expect the next move from you?

I appreciate your time and thank you again! The next move is definitely a second release which I would say is gonna be relatively soon.