NEW MUSIC: "Love A Good Thing" By Angel Dweh

Angel Dweh is more than a triple threat. Not only can he can act, dance, and sing, but he's also a songwriter. His music can't be labeled easily though. Angel cites being influenced by Usher, R&B Pop, and Hip Hop Dance the most, but presents his work in its own unique way. After releasing his first single "Love a Good Thing" in July, Angel's work has been grabbing the attention of critics and the people. He's performed his music at the New York showcase "Gotta Do It Big" and was featured in the Ephrata Review and SKINGS online magazine, all giving him the recognition he deserves.

With more singles on the horizon, let's take a look at Angel's first single "Love a Good Thing". The Ephrata, PA native defies expectations with his debut single "Love a Good Thing", an R&B bop that brings pop and dance elements into the mix. Angel's twist on R&B helps him stand out in the genre and he knows it. He takes a slick hip hop beat, the fire sound of a dance track, and the catchiness of a pop song to make a unique sound. It didn't take long for us to join in with Angel as he sang the chorus. Snapping along with the beat, the industrial vibes of the dance siren keep things fresh and interesting, so if you're looking for something cool and new, check out Angel Dweh!

Listen to "Love a Good Thing" here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, thanks for the interview! What source of inspiration did you draw from the most when recording "Love a Good Thing"?

When recording "Love a Good Thing" I gain inspiration from life around me but also looking at the relationships in our society.  

What was the recording process like? Was it smoother or harder than you expected?

The recording process wasn't hard. Though I was nervous and scared of creating "Love a Good Thing", but it was amazing, I was more confident that it was going to turn out awesome. What's was great about the process was I had my best friend with me in the studio doing the session. 

Who would you like to collaborate with in the future?

In the future, I would love to Collaborate with Chance The Rapper, Khalid, Usher, TreySongz, Chris Brown, H.E.R and Beyonce

First, Chance the Rapper story is an inspiration to me, he's a great artist, he started as an independent artist. And I love the recent album he released.

Usher, TreySongz and Chris Brown, I have been listing to their music since middle school, And with Usher and Chris Brown are the best male dancer in the industry right now, each time I watched their dance music I see myself doing the dance moves but doing it in my style and creating my own body of work that will make people of all ages, race, or sex can relate to and be inspired. That is Why "Love a Good Thing" is for every age group, anyone can listen to relate to it.H.E.R to me, she's the female vision of Prince, she can play multiple instruments. I love her work, her lyrics speak the truth of our society. However, she's an awesome artist,  that's why I would love to collaborate with her.

Beyonce the pop queen, the vocalist, I mean there is no one word to describe her. Growing up as a kid I listen to records from Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, Michael Jackson, Aretha Fraklin, Destiny Child, and the list goes on. Beyonce's work is inspiring, her Coachella performance watching it's in high school was beautiful. I gain more self-confidence in my work each time I watched Beyonce and Michael Jackson's live performance on Youtube

Do you feel like you could ever choose to focus on one genre of music?

As a young independent artist, I see myself focusing more on contemporary pop-R&B music. However, I love adversity because as an artist I think it's good to have it within your work. 

Where can fans keep up to date with your life? Any social media to plug?

Fans can follow me on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, all they have to do is look for me as @angelwratto on all social media. The cool thing is that I do live videos to communicate with my fans. It's the best way for them to know me better. So definitely they can follow me on social media. With two new single coming out in November, I will be doing live video for my fans to get the inside of my creation.