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NEW MUSIC: Mackenzie James Cregan Releases “Push Me (To Run)”

Mackenzie James Cregan is a singer/songwriter and a Los Angeles, CA native. He first picked up a guitar at two years old after being inspired by his father, professional musician, Jim Cregan. As he grew older, he began broadening his horizons and started writing his own music at the age of fourteen, and hasn't stopped since. Primarily being a guitarist and singer, Mackenzie taught himself bass, drums, and piano, which has caused him to play most of the instruments on his recent recordings. He has many influences, but mainly expresses his passion for classic, folk, and indie rock. Bringing a sense of nostalgia to his music, Mackenzie is able to bring a freshness to his sound that stems from his love of listening and surrounding himself with as much music as possible. 

Mackenzie’s latest release is titled “Push Me (To Run)” which features cascading guitar riffs, a raw drum line, and a boy-next-door vocal that’s as smooth as it is gritty as it moves through the storyline. Introducing himself as an artist with a clear love for rock throughout the ages, “Push Me (To Run)” pours through with an air of classic familiarity, but this is a completely new story, new details and clever little lyrics reach out and appeal in an instant. That riff is quickly infectious, reminiscent of a simpler time while the vocals paint a similar scene. “Push Me (To Run)” is a really well-crafted and relatable for may listeners. It also confidently brings back that nostalgic rock sound through the energy and the freely expressive set-up. 

Check out “Push Me (To Run)” here and read more with Mackenzie James Cregan below in our exclusive interview! 


Welcome to BuzzMusic! How did you originally get started making music?

I began playing music at the tender age of two. I used to watch my dad play the guitar around the house, and I ended up being drawn to it, trying to copy him on the toy guitar he had bought me. Both of my parents were huge music lovers and always had great music playing in the house. They would blast The Beatles, The Stones, Bob Dylan, old blues music, all the classics! However, it wasn’t until I was about ten years old when I decided I wanted to be a professional musician. I started writing songs at the age of fourteen, and haven’t stopped since.

We’re loving your new song “Push Me (To Run)”. It seems very personal and open, what’s it all about?

A lot of my songs are autobiographical, including this one. It’s just about a relationship I was in, where I felt like I was being “pushed” away by this girl I was in love with. I guess I felt I was losing her, and I decided to just write about it. Many of us have been there, so my goal with this song was just to remind anyone who listens to it, that they’re not alone and that they need to know what they’re worth. That they are enough!

How do you remain on track to continue writing new content so consistently?

I always try to be in the moment with whatever I’m doing. If I’m out with friends, relaxing at home, running errands, whatever it is, I always want to be prepared for something to write about. The inspiration is everywhere, you just always have to have your radar up. And of course, I always listen and play as much music as I can. That’s a given. I’ve been lucky enough to be introduced to so much music from my family, friends, and fellow musicians that i’ve crossed paths with. I personally feel it’s so important if you’re a songwriter to listen to all types of music from every time period. Whether it’s 50s/60s rock n’ roll, 90s hip hop, EDM, classical, jazz, whatever! You’ve got to give all of it a chance, and then you can decide what you vibe with the most, and you can incorporate as much as you want into your own music.

Where is the best setting to listen to your songs, and what do you hope people take away from them?

I would say anywhere, any time, with anyone! In the car on a nice long drive, while you’re chilling at home, listening by the pool with some friends, and obviously at my shows! It really doesn’t matter. I just want people to listen and feel something from my music. If it doesn’t make you feel anything, I haven’t done my job.

What are your main aspirations as an artist going forward?

I want to continue writing, recording, playing shows, and building my audience. My goal is to make some great records and tour the world playing music until i die!


Be in the know with the latest on Mackenzie's music through his socials below!




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