NEW MUSIC: Netherlands-based producer DaviT releases stunning EP “ReWorks”

Based in the Netherlands, DaviT is a producer/musician with an already impressive repertoire of experimental electronic music under his belt. His style is dark electronic music fused with vocals and sound reminiscent of a film score that creates a wide range of emotions from the listener.  DaviT’s brand new EP “ReWorks” is out now! DaviT combines his love for melody and harmony with a sense of exploration. The concluding track on “ReWorks” and my personal favorite, “Enisum” works hard to gain the listener’s affection right from the beginning. “Enisum” makes for a particularly stunning audio experience. Explicitly calm by nature, yet full in effect and beautifully enveloping as you turn up the volume and relax into it. The cascading soundscapes in the distance surround you, and meanwhile these subtle and infrequent moments and changes help DaviT to create a sense of life, which is incredibly inspiring and quite emotional to have fill the room. “Enisum” is something to let play while you go about your day, replacing silence with non-intrusive musical artistry from DaviT, which has been professionally and emotionally designed. It’s something that can light up parts of your world you might never look towards otherwise. An amazing release from a thoughtful artist and producer, we’re always looking forward to hearing more!

Listen to “ReWorks” the EP here!