NEW MUSIC RADAR: Producer Nia Orea Releases "Mythical"

Nia Orea is an electronic/dance producer, integrating herself within the category with grace. Nia's dynamic production and integration of hip/hop elements within her tracks give the vibe more energy. Her diversity in the styles of beats she can produce is phenomenal and worth listening in on. We can confidently say that any listener will feel charmed in the serene environment Nia can effortlessly construct. We're impressed, to say the least, and we knew we could expect great things with Nia's most recent release "Mythical". 

"Mythical" starts exactly how you'd think a song called mythical would. We're automatically entranced by the rhythm of the track--the beat is illuminating, yet melancholic from the start, but gradually settles into a tranquil state. Nia is able to captivate her listeners through the atmospheres she creates within her productions. Nia Orea is undoubtedly kicking through the electronic music genre, and transforming the category with the hypnotizing melodies she curates. We highly encourage the BuzzMusic community to give "Mythical" a listen, because we know you'll feel entranced the created synths, and overall tone of the track. 

Be captivated with Nia's "Mythical" and give the track a listen here



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