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New Music Radar: Warm Blizzard Releases New Song "Love Me Now Pt. 2"

Warm Blizzard aka Elijah Dagley is a 20 year old, Atlanta based artist whose been interested in music ever since he was a kid, found himself intrigued by the work of others. He listened to artists like J.Cole, Tupac, OutKast and Jay-Z. Each artist played their role of inspiration in different ways for Warm Blizzard. His personal favorite, J.Cole released “Who Dat” which led to him to realizing that music was a big part of his passion. Tupac made him realize that it doesn’t matter what he says or why he says it, but how he says it. Outkast taught him that where he comes from has more significance than what the outside world knows. Warm Blizzard found his authentic voice in music and he was able to speak his truth through local rap battles. This led to constant squad practice and mastering his unique flow in which got him out of his comfort zone and helped him create a safe space for himself in the public eye.

Warm Blizzard released his single titled “Love Me Now Pt 2”. "Love Me Now" was inspired by a girl who he was in a relationship with. He experienced a new array of emotions that he never experienced prior to meeting her. However, Warm Blizzard continues his story with a part two that discusses the theme of heartbreak. “Love Me Now Pt. 2” is the perfect record for you heart-rendering lovers. A song that continues the venting and relatable lyrics a listener may feel while connecting with the music "Love Me Now Pt. 2" has serenading R&B melodies and a unique vocal articulation thanks to EJ’s authentic and super dope individual voice that caught me by surprise while listening! “She said love me now, please don’t waste no time,” was the leading lyric of Love Me Now, from part one that became stuck in my head and I couldn’t help but love it. I found myself repeating the lyric over and over, even when I wasn’t listening which was an indicator to me that Warm Blizzard has a way of attaching us to his music. However, in part two the leading lyric for me would be “She said she don’t love me,” hinting the overall theme of this sequel. It’s like when we watch a movie and fall in love with the characters and the relationship of two people and in the following sequel to the film, they are no longer together. It’s like “Wow, we were rooting for you”. “Love Me Now Pt. 2” is the perfect summer love jam in which we can find ourselves becoming intertwined with the music plot. Usually, significant amount of flings occurs in the summertime and we may or may not find ourselves with a special someone. Who doesn’t love a song that you can relate your emotions to the way you’re able to relate your emotions to “Love Me Now” and “Love Me Now Pt. 2”? With a trendy appeal, Warm Blizzard shows us that he’s more than just a multi-talented artist but he’s also a creator who takes in account what the current generation loves to hear, while making his music relatable. “Love Me Now Pt. 2” will no doubt become the hit of the summer!

Listen to "Love Me Now Pt. 2" here and check out our exclusive interview with Warm Blizzard below.

Hey Warm Blizzard! Care to introduce yourself to our readers?

To my friends and family I’m just E. To the world i want to be know as “The One and Only Warm Blizzard”. I’m an artist from Atlanta, Ga. I’ve been writing since I was gonna 13 and recording music for a little over a year now. Currently I have two songs out “Love Me Now” and “ Love Me Now, Pt. 2”. Love Me Now, Pt. 3 will be dropping in a couple of weeks as well.

Knowing you got your foot in rap battles, would you consider yourself a natural at it? Or is rap battling still challenging for you?

I wouldn’t consider myself as natural with rap battling as i am with free styling. I haven’t really rap battled in a long time but I’m a competitor at heart so that flame always remains inside.

Describe the emotions you felt while creating “Love Me Now Pt. 2” ?

The emotions i felt for “Love Me Now Pt. 2” are the same as “Love Me Now”. It’s simply bout my feelings for a girl who I hold dear to me and expressing all the emotions I’ve dealt with being with her and for the after effect of the break up. Love is something we all desire and how i feel is that love is the best drug and the strongest addiction. 

Can you tell us a bit about your songwriting process? Do you write your own music or collab with others?

My songwriting process is just starting off the best and it’ll be me just catching a vibe and coming up with whatever i freestyle and if that’s good i leave it and if i really want to get into it I’ll write but music for me and my song creations are just off the feeling i get. I don’t like to force anything just let it come naturally. I always write my music and i live with my friends who are all artist so sometimes we collab but it’s more so friendly competition and just building ourselves individually to stand out in our group.

What is the impact you hope this song leaves on its listeners?

The impact i want to leave with “Love Me Now, Pt. 2” is the same impact i want from “Love Me Now” and all my songs of just being real, relatable, and most importantly just honest.

Any exciting summer plans?

My summer plans are to drop my long awaited album, “High Files: The Album” which is a continuation of my EP series, “High Files” which is on SoundCloud. Going forward i plan to get back to rapping versus the autotune but even with that you might just get both but we’ll have to wait and see.


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