NEW MUSIC RADAR: Yhung Sky Releases Hard-Hitting Single “Where You Been At”

Based in Queens, NY, we bring to the BuzzMusic community Yhung Sky. Yhung Sky is a powerful and honest artist contributing the most to the hip-hop music scene. We love the type of intense energy Yhung Sky can bring to her vocal production, which really pulses thorough to the listener, making them feel fully energized. As a versatile artist and musician, Yhung Sky showcases her inert talents in music through her music no doubt. The elemental creations she releases is beyond impressive, and we’re all for the passion she emits to her listeners. Yhung Sky’s experience within the music industry is unquestionable once you give her music a listen, and trust us, you’re going to want to give her tracks a listen. 

Produced by Toronto-based female producer Beatrixx ( and engineered by Queens artist Zeus Anderson (, the energy that Yhung Sky exudes in “Where You Been At” is energetic—we seriously feel alive and surging with power. We’ve already added this track to all of our workout playlist, and definitely to our going out playlists. We love the versatility in Yhung Sky’s sound arrangements, being able to listen to the tracks at almost any point in the day, no matter what you’re doing. We also couldn’t help but notice how much confidence “Where You Been At” pulsates within the listener. The beat is kept throughout the track—Yhung Sky being able to maintain the hype during the entirety of the song is impressive. She really didn’t lose us at any point throughout the track. The vocalism on Yhung Sky’s end contributing to this techno/rap/hip-hop track integrates incredibly well. The vocalism is smooth and hard-hitting at the same time—the contrast is what shapes the track, combined with Yhung Sky’s contemporary production makes for a track worth obsessing this much over. 

Make sure to give a listen to Yhung Sky’s powerful track “Where You Been At” here!

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