New Music: Shaun November's "The Takeover"

Singer/ songwriter Shaun November is a native of Inglewood, California. He grew up in a family that didn't come from musically inclined artists or musicians. Instead, in his teen years, he taught himself to play the piano while producing beats on an old computer that was laying around in his garage. Due to the fact that he was raised in a household with Pentecostal beliefs, it wasn’t until his teenage years where Shaun was introduced to certain genres, which led to interests outside of the Gospel. Being one who thoroughly enjoys writing, Shaun displays lyrics that are fueled with emotions of his experiences along his journey. Facing many obstacles and difficult events along the way and struggling for years to reveal his heart and mind, Shaun found the urge and inspiration to do so in his own unique way upon completing college.

On the verge of releasing his EP, Red Winter, Shaun released a single recently in 2019 “The Takeover”, a very relaxed R&B track with a Soulful and warmth vibe along with rich singing vocals. This slow tempo song will put you into a state of mind that will calm you from any situation. A song that displays the effect of love or deeply being into someone where you're wanting her all the time and needing to be next to her. We really enjoyed this track and are super excited about the release of Red Winter. Listen to "The Takeover".