NEW MUSIC VIDEO: Duo Monie & Meeks Releases "Bad Boy"

Pop duo Monie & Meeks, residing in Philadelphia, PA, came out with their new album "BEEN DOPE". We're loving the execution of this duo, focusing more so on what they have to offer the pop/hip-hop category. Their vitality in each track is game-changing. We feel all of the talent and energy they have to offer the music scene-- Monie & Meeks are undoubtedly going far places with their eccentric and eclectic curations!

Monie & Meeks are curating feel-good, flowing music that is beyond fascinating! Their track "Bad Boy" featuring Boob Mile$ is energetic, with various house/psychedelic elements integrated in to create that out-of-this-world vibe. In my opinion, their music video for "Bad Boy", shot by Brendan Grant, captures the ambience of the track brilliantly. The vocalism within the track allures listeners with the prominent sultry appeal, dynamic vocals, and charisma--it really all pours off of Monie & Meeks while they're singing. The choice of synth production with "Bad Boy" extremely complemented the voice of Monie, and hyped up the vibe of Meeks to an elemental level. The rap verses are executed with a calm, yet intense approach. The harmonies are almost tropical--we're feeling good, and really vibing with the energy Monie & Meeks puts out there in their music.

Feel good with Monie & Meeks latest track "Bad Boy" here, and keep scrolling for the duo's interview with BuzzMusic!

Hey Monie & Meeks! Please give our readers an idea of who you both are as artists!

We like to think of ourselves as sweet and salty M&Ms! Meeks has the softer, sweet but shy side. She likes to make music about love and relationships. Monie has the harder, funny, more outgoing side. She likes to make music about partying and having good vibes! 

What would you say is the most integral element of your music? 

The most integral element of our music is the blend of personalities that always yield a diverse sound and perspective. One of the artists we admire is OutKast, for their success as a music duo. They were always able to find common ground together and as solo artists still under the umbrella of Outlast. Their personalities showed beautifully. 

What's the main message you're trying to engrain in your listeners through your recent release "Bad Boy"?

The “Bad Boy” song is one that features Meeks only. Her intent in creating the song was to paint different picture of a bad boy. Someone whose affection is what makes them a bad boy. It’s so  hot and passionate that it feels like the things you do together are bad, like you’re being corrupted. 

"Bad Boy" was so catchy, we played it through the office all morning! What kind of vibe were you both going for when curating the track?

The vibe for “Bad Boy” was creating a sexy, wanting what you know isn’t good for you feel. But the feeling is so addictive, you can’t help yourself. 

Congratulations on your recent album release "BEEN DOPE"! How was the creative process of the album? Did either of you ever bump heads while writing the tracks?

The process of creating the album was a long journey filled with beautiful growth as a group and as solo artists. We wanted to open the album strong, with a song that would set the tone. Make listeners say, “Ooww, what a vibe! I wonder what else they are capable of”. Which is why we chose “Stop Me” as the first track. We structured the album in a way that if fans want to hear just Monie or just Meeks, they can skip to those sections. Its an 11 track album that includes 4 joint songs, 4 songs by Monie, and 3 by Meeks. We definitely bumped heads many times, Meeks admits she annoys Monie often! But it’s apart of being a duo and something we wouldn’t trade for the world. We realized so much about ourselves with this project including the idea that doing solo songs is a cool thing. We can individually showcase our personalities which ultimately helps us make better joint songs. 

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