NEW MUSIC VIDEO: M.P Drops New Visuals For “Hero” Ft. K. Sankofa

Based in Madison, WI, the talented rapper, producer and lyricist M.P. Previously featured on BuzzMusic for his dope track “Roots”, M.P is always bringing us new, relatable content. His passion for making music allows his to forge connections with his listeners on a deeper level. M.P curates tracks that are raw and honest, while remaining contemporary and relevant. He’s an artist that is unafraid to bare his soul through poetry and melodies. M.P's music has been influenced by many different musicians such as, Kanye West, J.Cole, Chance The Rapper, Kid Cudi and Jay-Z and he proudly draws from these legends for inspiration.

“Hero” is a humble track that boasts confidence and the ideal attitude a rapper and talented lyricist needs to have in today's music industry. M.P combined forces with K. Sankofa to create the addicting new track “Hero”. The brand new music really personifies their overall theme of staying humble. They are just regular guys with a gift on the mic that they choose to share with the world. We love the high energy and upbeat feeling M.P exudes throughout the video. It shows him in his natural element, with his friends walking around his town. “Hero” is a track all about being stuck in between being a regular person and a “Hero” and finding comfort with being in between. They are looked up to as if they are heroes but they have to keep things real while still giving back. M.P is far from ordinary and the hook perfectly captures this when he spits, “I am not a villain, I am not a Hero, I am just different, trying to help people”. He uses his skill on the microphone to deliver flawless bars and relatable lyricism. K. Sankofa is the perfect energetic addition to this track and we can’t get enough. M.P comes through with a powerful sound, explosive visuals and is always delivery new content. The dope new music video for “Hero” allows listeners to connect with both M.P and K. Sankofa on a deeper level through their truth. We love what we see and we recommend you check out the video and vibe along with us! 

Stream “Hero” ft K. Sankofa here and watch the new music video below!

Welcome back to BuzzMusic M.P.! What have you been up to since the release of “Roots”?

Thank you again for another opportunity to speak with you all! Since the release of “Roots” I have been working come on more music and more ideas and ways to engage people with it. And have been thinking about a album also but not to sure if that’s what I want to do yet. 

Congratulations on the new video for “Hero” ft K. Sankofa! Where was it filmed?

Thank you! the video was shot in my Hometown of Madison Wisconsin

What challenges do you come across when making music videos to match your vibe?

Some challenges that I face is that not a lot of my music is turn up music, I make feel good music so sometimes painting visuals to match can be hard because they can seem forced if not done naturally. But every scene for “Hero” is natural we just went out to shoot we had our places in mind and it all fell together and worked out. 

What overall message are you hoping to achieve through both the lyrics and visuals in “Hero”?

The overall message is that we just want to help all people and have fun being who we are, but we aren’t trying to be “Hero’s” and also we aren’t “Villains.” Even though we are different we’re two guys trying to defy odds and help others however we can like K. Sankofa said in his lyrics “Not every superman comes with a cape” and like I said “I don’t wear cape but I have hope.” We are two men trying to do great things for our people and community as we explain how we feel along with having fun and I feel the video captures that too. 

Can we expect any future collaborations with K. Sankofa?

I believe there will be more collaborations in the future from K. Sankofa and myself. 


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