NEW MUSIC VIDEO: TEFO Releases Hot New Visuals For His Single “Decline”

Hailing in Toronto, Canada, TEFO (Truth, Enlightenment, Freedom, Opportunity) is releasing new music consistently. His Afrobeat and EDM sound and powerful energy set him apart in today’s music industry. As a musician and a producer, TEFO is experienced in the music industry. TEFO has toured across Canada and has received international radio play. Previously featured on BuzzMusic, TEFO’s contagious single “Decline” is now matched with an inspiring and confident new music video.

The hot new music video features TEFO’s notable confidence and swagger. We see him ignoring and rejecting his exes messages to show that he’s truly done with it. Keeping up with the high energy, Afro-beat track, the “Decline” music video showcases some extremely talented dancers. As if to prove the message of the track further, the gifted dancers express a push and pull movement to show the stresses of a strained relationship. TEFO’s infectious swagger is continuously displayed from beginning to end. We love the relatable and fun content he keeps delivering and can’t wait to see more! 

“We all go through those rough patches in relationships, and sometimes they don’t last. So it’s all about figuring out your own self worth when other people may not know or realize your own self worth and just saying, “you know what, I’m kinda done, I’mma decline your call, and we’re done.” 


Check out the new music video for “Decline” below and read more with TEFO in our interview! 

Welcome Back TEFO! Congratulations on the “Decline” music video release. What was the main theme you want viewers to take away from this music video?

Hey, thanks so much! The “Decline” music video shows myself and my co-star, “Dee” in a very “cat-and-mouse” situation where she is looking for me all day all over the city and I keep declining her call, all while at the brink of almost being seen by her. Then finally we run into each other and exchange words with each other. The main theme that I want viewers to take away from this video is the fact that there will always be those rocky points in life and relationships, and sometimes you just have to decline that call and keep it moving.

What was the filming process like?

We had a great time filming this video. My amazing choreographer/director Hollywood Jade helped me bring it all to life. We wanted the video to be real but also have some comedic undertones within it, so I think we captured that quite nicely. We spent a day going around to different locations to make it seem like “Dee” was looking for me everywhere. I especially love the shot where she walks right past me on the stairs.

How did you select the talented dancers for the video?

After deciding on the concept for the video, Hollywood and myself agreed that those two dancers were a great fit for this video. They had just the right vibe for this project. I’m super glad to have Fizz and Sharlan in this video. They really helped bring it to life.

How did you create the idea for this video to match the message within “Decline”?

Well, since the song itself is all about declining someone’s call, we had to find a way to keep the vibe of the video consistent with the record. We’ve all been in a situation where we have had to decline somebody’s call, so we had to do something that everyone could relate to. In this case, it is set in the city where I’m declining her call and we could bump into each other at any point in time - which we eventually do run into each other. We also made sure to keep the vibe light hearted and a bit comedic, and I’m confident a lot of people will resonate and relate to it.

What's next for you?

Glad you asked! We have a #DeclineChallenge dropping next, where YOU will be able to learn the moves from the “Decline” music video.

Here are the rules:

Make a video of yourself dancing to “Decline” Tag @officialTEFO and #DeclineChallengetag your ex! (only if you want to)

Stay tuned on all platforms for when the challenge drops! And come find me @officialTEFO on IG, Facebook, and Twitter. I’ll always say Hey!

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