New Orleans Based Hip-Hop Artist Myles Em Wants A “Goal Digger”

Based in New Orleans, Myles Em is a talented rapper and lyricist who wants to take you on a journey of art, reality and visuals through his music. He brings to life the distinct sound and culture of New Orleans, Louisiana through his slew of addicting singles. Myles Em delivers his view of a diverse variety of subject matter with a distinguishable sound and authentic style.

“Goal Digger” is a track all about Myles Em trying to find a woman who’s on the same page as him when it comes to working hard towards success. THe quirky words play and flawless bars fuse perfectly with the old school hip-hop vibe. With timeless retro element, “Goal Digger” remains refreshingly contemporary. We love Myles Em’s hard-hatting bars and precise flow. Myle Em wants this “Goal Digger” to be ambitious and loyal, he paints a vivid picture with his poetry of exactly who this person should be. Myles Em curates music that is relatable for all his fans and listeners. He creates lasting connections with his listeners and consistently delivers hip-hop hits! 

Check out “Goal Digger” here and read more below in our exclusive interview!

Hi Myles Em! What was your upbringing into music like? How did you get started?

-Had a pretty cool upbringing, came up around alot of music in the house being played nonstop. Father had a Jazz band he played in with his brothers and my mom was a connoisseur of anything musically coming from the west coast and New Orleans. I got started freestyling and having random rap battles with my brother and the kids in the neighborhood.

Who are your music influences? How do they inspire your sound?

-For Influences, I'd say the greats like Bob Marley, Lauryn Hill, Kendrick Lamar, J.Cole, and Timbaland. First of all you know that feeling you get when you feel like you know an artist personally just through their music, yes that happens everytime with them. Being able to make my music feel relatable as much as possible as well. They've inspired me to go the extra mile and push myself, knowing what you stand for and believe in. Understanding that music heals and growth as an artist is real important.

What sets “GOAL DIGGER” apart in the hip-hop music industry?

-I feel that "GOAL DIGGER" to me is another form of paying homage to the 90's Golden Era when hiphop was more about having a strong relatable concept and a story to tell.

I feel like subject matter took a major backseat in alot of music you hear nowadays.

We love the track “Goal Digger”, can you dive into more details about the lyrics? What was the writing process like?

-For one, when I start off by saying "You ever had a chick that was strong as your backbone, the love is real, ain't nothing about it silicone". I meant from a guys perspective that the woman you're with as your significant other has your back no matter what, through the ups and downs, she still manages to have your back.

-The writing process was fun, me and my girl were getting back to a good place at the time so the real inspiration goes to her. Once I had the concept, and Idea down I knew what I wanted to say and ran with it.

Can you share what you have planned with your music in the next few months?

-A couple more (6 track) projects I plan on putting out this year for more content to build a buzz. Besides on songwriting, I have a beat store website I'm currently working on at the moment to show the producer side of me. More collaborations with fellow artist from my city, and pushing my Brand "Diggin4Goal" out into the world. That's the GOAL!!!!!!!


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