NEW RELEASE: Maso·K·ist Releases "Desert Whales"!

If you're looking for something totally out of this world, you've come to the right place. May we introduce you to "Desert Whales" by Maso·K·ist. The song sounds just as crazy as the title and to be honest, that's quite the accomplishment. The punk rock/metal band that brings us this tune loves to dabble in everything freaky and phantasmal, so with that in mind, let's just dive straight into "Desert Whales".

Maso·K·ist starts off running with some tight guitar chords supported by a killer bass and drum beats. Once the lead singer joins in with his awesome vocals and bonafide punk rock lyrics about the magical, yet tragic "Desert Whales", you know you’re in for a psychedelic ride. Quality is held high by this band as we go from guitar solo to the oddly satisfying vocals and screams that are done just so well. You really begin to feel like these whales are real.. Wait, do you hear them? At this point, the song begins to break down and gets really dirty, and of course, we mean in a good way. Think punk rock dirty. As we’re left in a trance absorbing so much good music, the whales echo in one last time and we’re sent off into the depths below. By the time "Desert Whales" is over, you’ll be left feeling so satisfied, and maybe a little bad for the desert whales. We told you this song was out of this world!

Don't forget to check out Maso·K·ist latest single "Desert Whales" here!

Hey Maso·K·ist! You gave us quite the ride