NEW RELEASE: Naeso Presents His Laidback Track "Crazy"

What can you expect from artist Naeso? As an artist who hails from Ontario, CA, Naeso is putting his time and thoughtful intensity into his music to bring about a sound that listeners haven't yet heard. Sticking mostly to the Hip/Hop and R&B community, Naeso is creating a transformational sound with the choice of production he allows blended into his music. With the expressive style of Naeso, you can expect to be pleased with the kind of tone he reaches in his tracks. Naeso is one of many artists who underwent extreme hardships throughout his life thus far, and so you can sense the attributions of his experience throughout the tracks he comes out with.

Naeso has released the energy-driven track "Crazy", produced by Rey Beatz. Let's first talk about the production, because it really complements the way Naeso goes about executing his vocal outflow. The melody is very atmospheric, making us feel many different ways as listeners. The production almost creates an easygoing environment where we feel like we can genuinely sit back and take in the full essence of the track. Naeso takes it to another level with the way he performs in "Crazy". The echoing effect brings a wavy aspect to the track, but more importantly, Naeso elevates his sound with how eloquent his wordplay is. "Crazy" was curated with a certain kind of style exclusive to Naeso, and the track opens up an entirely new pathway for what Naeso proves he's capable of doing.

Check out "Crazy" by Naeso here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic! What’s the story behind “Naeso”?

Naeso is a portmanteau between my first and middle name; my middle name being my father’s first name. I went through a couple artist names, but I felt like I should incorporate my father’s name in my artist name as he and my mother were huge influences in my life. They’ve both exhibited impeccable work ethic within their lives, which I continue to aspire to have whenever I  just hang around and do nothing.

You've been through some major life changes! From moving to Canada from South Africa, and going to school with a football scholarship and taking a step back, talk to us about how these experiences have shaped who you are as an artist and how does it translate to your music?

It’s been a roller coaster for sure! Moving to Canada from South Africa when I was three years old was a huge culture shift for my mother and father. We initially lived in an apartment in a small neighbourhood called Malton within Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, before settling in Brampton, Ontario, Canada. We were originally was suppose to move to Guelph, Ontario, Canada, due to my dad’s profession (a professor at the University of Guelph), but he passed away from liver cancer that same year we were considering to move. It was a tough loss for my mother and two sisters, but fast forward ten years, we are doing just fine. “Thank God”, my mom would continually always say to me, so I always continue to remind myself to put God in my life first, and everything else will follow. Now the football stuff; I was a highly touted recruit in high-school, getting heavily recruited by Division 1 schools such as Princeton, Virginia, etc. I was also admitted to an elite prep school in Florida called IMG Academy. Everything was looking promising, until I was misdiagnosed with depression back in my senior year, not to fully acknowledge I actually had Bipolar Disorder in 2018. When I was diagnosed with Bipolar, I had already withdrew from Saint Mary’s University, a school in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, and abandoned my scholarship. I had a couple stints at community colleges studying engineering, hoping that my original passion from high-school would come forward, but it did not. Now I’ve turned to music, a thought I had on pursuing back around junior or senior year. I enjoyed writing poetry at that same, as it was a way to remove myself from my sadness. I was always told it was good to write your feelings onto a piece of paper, as it helped you release your pain. So as an artist, I hope to convey how I feel about my craziness, sadness, happiness, or whatever I’m feeling at the present moment within my music.

We really enjoyed your single “Crazy”. How would you describe your creative process behind this record?

Thank you! Well damn, I just felt like recording a song about me being crazy. I would use this app called Rhymers Block, which extremely helped my game as an artist. I’d pour some ideas down, see which words I can rhyme with, and go on from there. Afterwards, I would record in my bedroom or basement and mix/master the song through an app on my phone called BandLab. Essentially, at the moment, I do everything with two phones. Pretty crazy right, pun intended. However, further on I will be recording and doing all the necessary sound engineering with a studio called The Stu, that’s based in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. There’s an amazing engineer there named, Kevin, who is extremely down-to-earth and awesome to work with. Send them a follow on Instagram: @welcometothestu

What inspired you to write this single? Do you draw any musical inspiration from any other artists?

This single was inspired by Kanye West’s 808s & Heartbreak album, as he used auto-tune a lot in that album. Artists that have heavily influenced me lately have been Kanye West, J. Cole, Big Sean, Kendrick Lamar, Tame Impala, and this awesome artist named Devontée. I say awesome artist, because he’s an extremely down-to-earth person, has huge faith with God, and what’s even awesome is that he preaches a motto called “Working On Excellence” on a daily basis. He is an highly motivated person, and I aspire to be a man like him in my late 20s, to not only make great music, but to support people trying to attain their goals too. Send Devontée a follow on Instagram: @Devontee_WOE

What can we expect to see from you through 2020?

Oh man, I don’t want to jinx anything, but I’m hoping to release my debut album, and perform at a couple of shows. I’m hoping to develop my craft this year as an artist, but in the next couple years, I aim to get signed before I turn 25 years old, win a Juno, work with a couple A-Grade artists, and just continue expanding my brand and working on excellence.


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