NEW RELEASE: Naeso Presents His Laidback Track "Crazy"

What can you expect from artist Naeso? As an artist who hails from Ontario, CA, Naeso is putting his time and thoughtful intensity into his music to bring about a sound that listeners haven't yet heard. Sticking mostly to the Hip/Hop and R&B community, Naeso is creating a transformational sound with the choice of production he allows blended into his music. With the expressive style of Naeso, you can expect to be pleased with the kind of tone he reaches in his tracks. Naeso is one of many artists who underwent extreme hardships throughout his life thus far, and so you can sense the attributions of his experience throughout the tracks he comes out with.

Naeso has released the energy-driven track "Crazy", produced by Rey Beatz. Let's first talk about the production, because it really complements the way Naeso goes about executing his vocal outflow. The melody is very atmospheric, making us feel many different ways as listeners. The production almost creates an easygoing environment where we feel like we can genuinely sit back and take in the full essence of the track. Naeso takes it to another level with the way he performs in "Crazy". The echoing effect brings a wavy aspect to the track, but more importantly, Naeso elevates his sound with how eloquent his wordplay is. "Crazy" was curated with a certain kind of style exclusive to Naeso, and the track opens up an entirely new pathway for what Naeso proves he's capable of doing.

Check out "Crazy" by Naeso here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic! What’s the story behind “Naeso”?

Naeso is a portmanteau between my first and middle name; my middle name being my father’s first name. I went through a couple artist names, but I felt like I should incorporate my father’s name in my artist name as he and my mother were huge influences in my life. They’ve both exhibited impeccable work ethic within their lives, which I continue t