Bold and Straightforward Single, "Overcome My Fear," Has Been Released By If

If is an intriguing artist, to say the very least. She crafts songs that resemble her true intentions, mindset, and overall ideas. Listening to an If song is like looking into the very mind of If herself, so get ready for a wild ride, because her latest song release, "Overcome My Fear", brings many interesting elements to the table.

Almost immediately upon listening to "Overcome My Fear" we noticed the attractive and catchy production. The easygoing, memorable beat meshes well into the poised and sharp vocal delivery of If. Being fearless in her artistic approach, If writes: "Overcome My Fear" with an articulated message in mind. It's this perceived message that allows her confidence to pour off of her single, allowing her to appear highly charismatic.

If you listen in closely, you'll be able to understand the predominant theme of "Overcome My Fear." There's a persistent pattern established by If that almost makes her emulate a tenacious dominance. Overall, with a focused and strong lyrical foundation "Overcome My Fear" proves to be an intriguing offering by If. Whether or not If releases similar music to that of "Overcome My Fear", we know the quality will remain the same.

Welcome back to BuzzMusic If, and congratulations on the release of "Overcome My Fear." How did you feel following the initial debut of this single?

Thank you! This one was special. In my heart, I felt and feel like the process of creating and releasing this song shifted something within me. I feel like I’ve been given recognition or a co-sign, or like I finally have permission to get bigger and better, but not from anything or anyone external— just me.

As an artist who revels in exploring their own creativity, how would you describe the level of creativity explored in "Overcome My Fear?"

I’m not sure it’s something I can describe. Most, if not all of the time, everything I do leads with a feeling and follows with action— like cause and effect. The best way I can describe it is like I have a magnet in my heart and whatever its charge it pulls me toward an experience or emotion that gives me the inspiration to create. On the other hand, it’ll repel me from a situation or energy meant to keep me complacent and with that, I may still be inspired to create. If that makes sense.

What were you hoping would ultimately get translated to your listeners with "Overcome My Fear?"

Funny enough this is a song I created completely selfishly. For me by me, but still, I have people messaging me telling me that they are in the same space I am, with themselves. That’s what I love about music it can be made solely for the creator and still touch the listener. We’re all reflections of one another, and somehow the things we do selfishly for our own healing can transcend and become selfless. So long story short, I guess my hope is that we all collectively feel good about ourselves and sure of ourselves because then there’s expansive radiation of positive energy that will attract positive outcomes.

Are there any elements to "Overcome My Fear" that you feel set you apart from other songs resembling the same genre style?

I think overall, in all of my music my distinct voice sets me apart. I also carry a level of authenticity, confidence, and a staunch detachment from the need to fit into one genre. I actually think my love of all kinds of music allows me to flow and segue into any genre I please. And as I learn and grow that will become more apparent. I would also say there are some elements in production that set me apart from my peers, but I don’t know the technical terms.

What's next for you?

What’s next? I want to continue to grow in my craft, and break some rules along the way. I aim to pioneer new elements in this industry, and I’m sure in time I will.