New Track: Elben Comes out with a Fresh New Single "YDKWYDK"

This next artist is from Orange County, CA, and has a unique spin on indie-pop. Elben creates a softer house/indie/pop sound that had piqued our interest. Elben explores a variety of real hardships, and the journey that comes along with them, all while maintaining that captivating beat that can hold your attention with absolute interest. His latest track, "YDKWYDK" showcases the story and contrasting emotions of heartbreak, making for an interesting release. We're stoked to get the BuzzMusic community in on the workings of Elben, as the amicable ambiance set by his tracks will have the indie/pop community hooked!

Funky, collective, and fun comes with Elben's latest track "YDKWYDK". The track opens up with a smooth house beat, which will capture and enhance your attention. Then, Elben's light-paced vocals blends into the song, encapsulating that fun-loving indie/pop sound. "YDKWYDK" makes you feel rejuvenated with its atmospheric vibe, and personally had us feeling entranced at an entirely new level. Elben is a young singer/songwriter, who is looking to make a serious impact with his tracks. The way he's putting out his curations now shows that he's completely on track with that goal! The production is spot on. You will probably find that it hits a certain part of you that sparks a light. It's that kind of airy sound that has you feeling filled with inspiration. The vocalism is evolving, and Elben consistently proves his ability to create genuine music that has the ability to transcend. We're very interested to see how he continues to elevate his sound. 

Listen to Elben's "YDKWYDK" on Spotify here

Hey there Elben! Thanks for talking with us here at BuzzMusic! Are you able to open up more on the creative aspects that go into the songwriting side of your music?

Of course, it’s my pleasure! And sure! I took a break from creating anything for a few years for a variety of reasons, most of which I feel were non-valid in hindsight, but the past is the past and I’m back! I feel like this process has been much different from what I did before. A little more calculated and a little more rigorous of a “vetting” process of what made the cut creatively and what didn’t. I used to write my music and lyrics by pure feel before, which wasn’t bad, but to me wasn’t my best work and my music ended up sounding like a mish-mash of “confused” ideas. Whereas now I’m still chasing that feeling and that vibe but everything is intentional and focused and nothing flew unless we really felt like it could resonate well with whoever is listening. I say we because one of my best friends, Matt Lang, helped me produce and write all of my latest works, and my dude was a harsher critic than I could be for myself, lol, which I greatly appreciate because I love what we created.

What was the most integral element to "YDKWYDK" that you felt elevated the track from previous ones you've curated?

Of the songs that I recorded this year this one had the clearest direction from the get-go. I wanted “happy” sounding production with contrasting “dark” lyrics. Earlier this year a handful of artists released that kind of vibe and I was so drawn to it. Cuz I mean that’s life right? Everything is falling apart but you have to keep this happy face on and walk through that storm.

Are you able to elaborate on your creative process in general, and where you stem your inspiration from? Is it primarily from your own intimate life, or does it transcend into other perspectives? 

The process has evolved now that I’m a little older. When I was younger, inspiration would strike, and I had close to no responsibilities so I would just chase those ghosts to the end of the earth. I don’t have that luxury anymore and I’m STOKED when I have that opportunity to do what I just mentioned above. But these days I’d say 90% of the time I’m setting time aside whether I’m inspired or not and make things happen. It’s better I think. Imagine if you had fitness goals and only went to the gym when inspiration struck. I don’t think that’d work out too well for many people, haha. My lyrical/musical inspiration comes from a variety of sources these days. I feel like pulling from only your intimate life the well only runs so deep. If you can pull inspiration from other things… television, art, other musicians, etc. you know have an ocean of ideas that you can interweave into your story. But it’s funny, I have all these people DM-ing me about my recent songs, being like “OMG, is this really what’s happening?” Short answer.. yes and no, hah.

Are you planning on having any shows in the near future to promote "YDKWYDK"?! What's the overall atmosphere at one of your shows?

I’m looking into booking some things in the near future, but right now I’m just focused on getting my new songs out into the world. I actually have not played a show as “Elben” yet. But if I were to put a word on any performances I’ve had in the past… catharsis. People have told me before that I have intense energy, and that my mood can be felt when I walk into a room, hah. I like to think that intense cathartic energy transcends into everyone in the room during my live shows.

Is the plan to continue creating and releasing music? What's the next set goal for yourself and your artistry within the next year?

Yes. I haven’t felt the momentum I’m feeling right now in at least 7 years so I’m riding this wave all the way to shore and paddling back out for more! I plan to continue releasing songs regularly for at least the next few years. If we’re thinking November next year I’d love to have 10+ songs out by that time. Artistically the goal is to one-up myself with each song I write and produce. Even with the releases I have out now, I’ve already thought up of how I could have done things better with them, why certain ones are “succeeding” more than the others, etc. So you can say I’m a bit competitive, and right now my competition is myself :)

Snapchat: @amnesiabeach