#NewMusicFriday: Los Angeles Duo Icons 2 Ashes Drop New Single “Light Awn” Ft. Keisha Henry

Icons 2 Ashes debut single “Introduction” received more than 60k Spotify streams and that number is always increasing. The impressive duo comprised of Matt Baggiani and Noah Becker is a Los Angeles-based powerhouse collective. Both equipped with extensive experience in production, they are a force to be reckoned with. Their brand new single “Lights Awn” feat. Keisha Henry is out now and available on all major streaming platforms and the duo says they’ll be aiming to release a new song every 6-8 weeks through the end of 2020! Stay tuned!


Stylishly blending elements of pop, R&B, electronica, and trip-hop, Icons 2 Ashes has managed to lead with both an impressive production style and a brilliantly heartfelt, softly soulful brand of songwriting. Throughout “Lights Awn” feat. Keisha Henry, a warm and entrancing beat joins forces with a delicate, dreamlike array of synths and some organic elements to keep a sense of realness. Then you get a gorgeously poetic outpouring of ideas and revelations, intimate and honest from Keisha Henry. The voice is laid a little bare, the moment builds up slowly, weaving its way around you in a manner that feels reminiscent of some of the most professionally crafted and ambient soundscapes around. Really beautiful work, an easy project to lose yourself in. The details and the underlying intentions unite flawlessly.

Check out “Lights Awn” feat. Keisha Henry here

Welcome to BuzzMusic Matt Baggiani and Noah Becker! Tell us about the recent projects you've been in the works with musically?

We have been working with a few different vocalists in the LA area for the past couple of years and just finally starting to get a release strategy together. Most of what we do we like to refer to as cloud pop, though we have some heavier hitting releases coming as well. 

We absolutely love the new song “Lights Awn” feat. Keisha Henry! Can you tell us more about the inspiration behind the song?

We are super stoked you dig this song. Really started out with a bubbly instrumental that was a little more deep house, in its earliest form. The track morphed a lot from thereafter we cut the vocal though. In terms of the song We had a concept for the title and first two bars of the hook then just wrote backward (and forwards) from there...

Have you worked with Keisha before? Can we expect to see another collaboration between you two on your upcoming singles?

I've worked with Keisha a lot in the past and she and I used to be in a production and songwriting trio called Accidental Airplay many moons ago with my other friend Ellis Miah who is also an LA-based producer songwriter and DJ. I’m sure we’ll do more with Keisha. She is so fun to work with and has such an effortless style and gorgeous voice that we love. 

As an incredibly experienced musician and producer, how do you find each project you've been apart of has ultimately shaped your sound and musical execution today? 

N: I’ve just always really wanted to do pop but with a bit of a songwriter style on the lyric and melody side of things. Matt is such a ridiculous talent and I’m just super grateful we met. The best thing about working with Matt is I feel like we’re both able to remove our ego from the process and just work toward the common goal and making the best music we can. It’s never about who is wrong or right, it’s just about the vibe and quality of the product. 

M: We are constantly inspired by everyday life because inspiration hits at random points. Sometimes we write down ideas for lyrics and build the music around it, or we record notes/sing melodies in a portable recorder, for then revising and elaborate them when we fill we have hit something. We like to keep it a very spontaneous experience: our music and sound become the byproduct of our lives, perceptions, and experiences and we like to keep it brutally honest, both in the lyrics and production.

What was the inspiration behind the lyric video for Lights Awn?

We had so much fun playing with Lite Brites when we were kids. We could’ve just done a font in the style, but we really wanted the authenticity of the “handcrafted” vibe of the video to be authentic. So we drank a lot of coffee and spent many, many hours hand making every word you see in the video on a Lite Brite. We’re still recovering from acute carpel tunnel syndrome. ;) 

M: It turned out being almost an ode to a time now gone. We really liked the idea of contraposition between stop-motion with a retro toy in creating the lyrics panels, and digital manipulation in post-editing.

Thank you so much for chatting with us! Can you tell us about other upcoming releases?

Thank you SO much for having us! We’re so grateful. Next up is “My Time” with the wonderful Victoria Renee, another LA-based singer-songwriter. We have one other project with the works with Victoria, and one already wrapped with the very talented Fia NyXX, then we’re starting a top-secret mission slated for release in late Q1 2020!