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Nice Ghost Gets Pumped Up, By Taking It Easy

Tell us about your road to success It’s a long and winding road. Lots of hills. Lots of paths on the side that look like fun but just get me stuck in the bushes or mud. There are quite a few thorn bushes, most of the lights are burned out. There’s a glowing city at the end of the road but it stays poised just beyond the horizon. I walk forth, eyes fixated on the biggest tower I can see.

If you could be in two places at one time, every day...where would those places be? 

At home AND on the road! So like, I could be on tour and really loving it, and then as soon as load-out is done I can just BOOM, be in my bed with my weighted blanket and Minecraft. That way I’ll be really well-rested but still touring. Has Elon Musk invented this gadget? If so, have him call me because I’m trying to make this happen.

How do you get pumped up before a big event? 

I like to do quiet and simple things beforehand. The day of a big show, if I’m in LA and playing locally, I’ll wake up and have a cup of coffee, maybe get breakfast by myself, go for a quiet walk, exercise, stuff like that. The more relaxed I am, the easier time I’ll have communicating with everyone later on.

What is your mantra? 

I don’t really have one, but I’ve used “one day at a time” quite a bit. I’ve been known to say all sorts of odd mantras though. I love to say random things to people and act like it’s a common catchphrase just to see the reaction. It’s easier if you’re sober and everyone around you is under the influence. Saying stuff like “ehhh, you know what they always say. Don’t put a dog in the fire lane, am I right?” You’d be surprised by how often it goes right over their head. Makes no sense but if you say it with enough confidence, people don’t question it.


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