Nicolas McCoppin Gives Us a Genuine Rush on Latest Release "Remember That Night"

Dreamy cascading auras surround you as you press play on Nicolas McCoppin's latest hit, "Remember That Night." Ticking electrified percussion courses through the background as ambient synths harmonize along with Nicolas's pop-centric vocals. Nicolas McCoppinis creating pop-infused melodies from the city that never sleeps, the one and only: New York City. "Remember That Night" is a testament of the energy New York produces, you won't be sitting down for this one! Singing since childhood, Nicolas has received training from many renowned vocal coaches, and at the young age of just 14, he wrote and released his first original song.

"Remember That Night" is the third single released of Nicolas's upcoming debut EP. Nicolas creates a vivid lyrical narrative that transports the listener into the song and along for the journey. We are taken on a trip of a familiar love story- those first moments of discovery of one's attraction towards another. Those telltale signs of falling in love summed up perfectly in Nicolas's lyric delivery, lyrics like: "Couldn't tell if I was high or high on you." "Rember That Night" is a coy and playful dance-pop hit that incorporates reflections of 80s nostalgia. "Remember That Night" reminds listeners about those priceless first memories of when a love first blossoms.

Listen to "Remember That Night" here.

Hello Nicolas and welcome to BuzzMusic. We couldn't get enough of your latest release "Remember That Night". Can you tell listeners your thoughts behind this song and how you wanted your listeners to react when experiencing it?

Thank you guys for having me! That means so much. “Remember That Night” is a really special song to me. I wrote it about falling in love for the first time and all those new feelings that come along with it. Back when I was living in the moments of the song, the writing was one of the only ways I knew how to express my feelings. It’s one of the most personal songs I’ve done so far. I hope this song can bring a sense of happiness and fun to anyone who listens to it. Because that’s how it made me feel when I was making it. 

You mention specific areas within New York City (Arthur Avenue in The Bronx). What effect has New York City had on your artistry?

I’m so happy you asked that! I don’t think I would be the artist I am today without New York City. I was born and raised about an hour away from the city. It was always such an escape for me growing up. It still is. I went to my first concerts and met some of my best friends there. I really discovered myself because of it. When I was coming out in high school, it was the place I could go and unapologetically be myself. I always feel so accepted there. I owe everything to this city. And yes! The “Arthur Ave” lyric is actually my favorite lyric in the entire song! I have so many memories there so it only felt right to include it in this one.

Remember That Night is clearly a love song. Does writing music that comes from a personal place come easy for you?

It was hard at first. I feel like my first two releases were a little more about love in general and a few different experiences combined. This song was one of the ones where I really dug in deep. I co-wrote this song with Krysta Youngs. I love writing with her because I feel like I can spill everything to her and she just gets it. This song is literally my life in an mp3 file haha! I’m so happy I went as personal as I did because it really completed the song for me.

With your upcoming release of your debut EP, what themes can we expect to hear on the project?

I’m so excited about my EP! It’s been a little over two years in the making now. The reason I picked “Remember That Night” as the third single is that I feel like it truly represents the project as a whole. Sonically and lyrically. It tells a story from front-to-back. This song is a puzzle piece of a bigger story. I have so much more to tell and I can’t wait to finally share it! I feel like it’s my firstborn child lol.

What can fans expect to hear next from you Nicolas?I think I have another single cooking up before the EP release! My plans got a little rocked with COVID-19 but I’m managing! It’s going to be a fun summer of releases from me :) Thank you guys so much for having me! This was so fun!