NicoTheOwl Showcases His Ultimate Production Stylings In Cher Lloyd's "M.I.A"

Nicolas Farmakalidis, better known as NicoTheOwl, is a Los Angeles, CA producer, currently making some pretty huge waves with his recent production methods. As a multiplatinum, Grammy-nominated producer, NicoTheOwl truly knows his way around production stylings, and especially so for those energetic tracks featured in movies such as Xmen and Baywatch! Our mood is highly influenced by the sound NicoTheOwl can curate with his production, and we know the BuzzMusic community will love the next project he's been working on with Cher Lloyd!

The production stylings of "M.I.A" sung by Cher Lloyd is phenomenal and completely energy-packed. The beat flows naturally and is fixated in such a way that it captures the attention of listeners, effortlessly. NicoTheOwl manufactures a rhythm and flow that easily is in tune with the vocalism of Cher, and blends a variety of tempos to curate an eccentric ambiance. "M.I.A" is a fun-loving track that we find incredibly catchy! It can be difficult to manifest such a resonant production on NicoTheOwl's end, but to maintain said production throughout the track, especially when such track requires a bubbly and vivacious setting, is impressive! We know the skill sets of NicoTheOwl's production is unmatched, and we're ultimately impressed with his ability to craft such memorable and high-energy tunes. NicoTheOwl is undoubtedly a producer to not only look out for but to watch intensely, as his productions are entrancing and progressive!

Give a listen to NicoTheOwl's latest work in "M.I.A" here!

You have a really versatile and unique style, how long have you been making music?

I’ve been making music for about 20 years now. I started playing piano at 5 years old and I studied classical music until 18 years old. Then I went to Berklee College Of Music in Boston where I studied Jazz composition and Big Band Arranging. After graduating Berklee, I was touring with a Big Band for a couple of years and then I decided to get into Hip Hop production. I feel Jazz and Hip Hop are very similar in terms of feel, groove, and har