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NishaBRaw Pushes Boundaries With Her Feature On Cultivation 20's "Do What I Say"

Straight out of Inglewood, CA, one of the most intriguing female rappers to grace your presence, NishaBRaw spits her facts on Cultivation 20's recent single "Do What I Say (feat. NishaBRaw)".

Known as someone to represent all the boss ladies around the globe, NishaBRaw jumps right into the heat with her feature on Cultivation 20's single "Do What I Say (feat. NishaBRaw)". The production brings a sense of the past and the present, with a slight 90s feel that reflects NishaBRaw's 90s west coast inspiration. Yet overall, the track fires through with modern-day techniques that show Cultivation 20 and NishaBRaw's versatility. 

Taking a listen to "Do What I Say (feat. NishaBRaw)", we're instantly met with low and haunting piano keys that shift into a hi-fi hip hop beat. NishaBRaw begins rapping with power and dominance, exuding her authenticity through each rhyme. Cultivation 20 has created such a heated beat through various piano melodies, toe-tapping kicks, and intricate hi-hat/snare patterns.

NishaBRaw was genuinely the needed oomph for this track, as she spills her confidence and flows with perfection while riding the beat with authority. As she raps about her ten-year journey and how she's put in tedious hours to see success, we're instantly boarding the NishaBRaw bandwagon to follow her upcoming endeavors.

Don't miss out on Cultivation 20's single "Do What I Say (feat. NishaBRaw)", as you must experience the talent for yourself. 

Welcome to BuzzMusic, NishaBRaw! You've genuinely wowed us with your bars on your feature for "Do What I Say". What pushed you to write bars that display your authenticity and success after ten years of rapping?

I would say life experiences because once I learned to channel all of my anger, happiness, frustration, or whatever I was feeling or experiencing into lyrics, My bars went up to a whole different level. 

"Do What I Say (feat. NishaBRaw)" consists of the artistic works between NishaBRaw and Cultivation 20. Could you tell us more about Cultivation 20, your collaboration, and why the two of you paired up for the single?

Well, I have done a lot of work with the owner of Cultivation 20 (which is a project under 90K Records) so once we expressed interest to work more in-depth with each other it took off to a whole new level! We did "Do What I Say" in 2 1/2 weeks, from recording the song, doing cover art, shooting video, and preparing it for release and distribution!

We've heard that NishaBRaw has ten years rapping under her belt. Have you seen your style/approach change over the years, and why do you think there was a change or a lack thereof?

I would say I had to change the part in my music where I only wanted to make party songs. I needed to branch off and try other things and that actually worked out for me as well as step out of my comfort zone.

NishaBRaw has gained quite a fanbase due to your talent and your career's longevity. Why do you personally think so many listeners are drawn to you and your sound, and how do you ensure that they stay entertained?

My listeners are drawn in by how straightforward and uncut I am with people. I feel that if you are a real fan then the type of sound that I will give you will keep you entertained. My stories are always true and honest and one thing I stand to do is get a smile out of my listeners at-least once.

What's next for you?

Next up is my album! I never have done one before so I’m excited to give my listeners a batch of something new. Also, I am continuing to focus on my rebranding for myself and my team "Raw Squad." I have a few singles and videos releasing before my album too so be on the lookout for those.


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