NIXY Delivers His New Single; “in n out” With Rhythm And Grace

Raised in the suburbs on the outskirts of New York, 22-year old NIXY is an artist who not only has talents in the musical realm but also holds aspirations to take a position of leadership that goes much farther than crafting lyrics and producing beats. As a proud member of the LGBTQ+ community, NIXY’s goal is to eliminate any stigma around the community. NIXY wants to shine the spotlight, not only within the R&B and rap scene, but in the music industry as a whole. He has now released his newest single “in n out” that we are so excited to share with you! NIXY’s song, “in n out,” opens with an ear-catching synthesizer and a slight build-up. We felt it was the perfect way to pull in his listeners. “In n out you go just like a revolving door” are the first words we hear from NIXY. Delivering the lyric with rhythm and grace, NIXY will have you feeling the song and the beat that holds the structure so firmly, in no time. “in n out” makes you want to crank the speakers and listen on full-blast. Though, we found NIXY’s R&B style to be quite versatile. While incorporating elements of rap and alternative-pop, “in n out” becomes a track that could be played on a night out or a night at home. We loved listening to NIXY’s track, “in n out,” and are waiting for his next move in the industry.

Listen to NIXY’s “in n out” here.

Hello NIXY! Welcome to BuzzMusic. We felt your R&B, rap style in “in n out” was very versatile. How did you discover your interest in music and where did this journey begin for you?

Hello! The pleasure is all mine. Thank you so much! So my love for music was always there. When I was a little, my sister had this VHS with music videos that were popular at the time, and every time TLC’s “No Scrubs” came close to its end, it was re-winded all the way to the start of the music video. Also, my family had this karaoke set up that I would hog 24/7! And from watching movies like High School Musical, shows like Glee, to actually doing drama in high school, music has always been in my heart. I’ve only recently decided to pursue my dreams because it certainly takes a level of confidence that I know I didn’t have prior. 

We loved listening to your new single, “in n out”! The line, “in n out you go just like a revolving door” caught our attention. Can you talk more about the inspiration behind the song and the meaning behind these lyrics?

Thank you, I’m so glad you enjoyed it! So I wrote this song after being involved in a situation that was very one-sided. I was always there for this person and would drop anything and everything whenever they called. But whenever I needed something, they were nowhere to be found. And that’s just one of the aspects where I felt shorted on. In short, this song is about how much it sucks to be convenient for someone and how good of a feeling it is to let them know that you’re not having it anymore. 

Who influences your music most? How have you learned from them?

Oh my goodness, now I get to fangirl hahaha! So I love Frank Ocean because his lyrics are worded in such a way that makes you want to listen again and again until you have the whole picture. He’s very poetic with it, and I adore him so much. I’m such a big fan of SZA because she doesn’t stick to the rules. You can’t confine her music to one specific genre. Her music is a perfect blend of genres to the point of classifying it as timeless, and I think that’s so unique. Kehlani is amazing because her voice is so smooth but raspy when it wants to be, and her lyrics have resonated with me to the point of tears. Last, I must say I’m in love with Doja Cat. I know her career is just popping off but if you listen to her discography, her lyrics are so clever it’s ridiculous. With the way I described these talented artists, is how I want to connect with my current and future fans.

We hear that you have aspirations of normalizing the presence of the LGBTQ+ community in the music industry. What inspired you to take your career one step further and use your voice to become an advocate for this community?

Yes! So growing up, there weren’t many artists within the LGBTQ+ community that were critically acclaimed. I felt such a lack of representation and it didn’t match up to the amount of LGBTQ+ people who went crazy over R&B and Rap. The amount of queer Barbz and members of the Beyhive (myself included), was and still is astronomical! So instead of complaining for a change, I thought “Why not be that change?”. And so here we are!

What will you be working next, NIXY? During this time in quarantine, one can only do so much with limited resources hahaha! So for now I’ll be writing and recording drafts on my laptop until I can finally get back into a studio. But in the meantime, I will be posting little homemade tracks on my SoundCloud, so if people really want to hear more, that’s where they can find they’re fixed!