NKUSI and Funkywhat Release a Vibing New Single, "Impulsesvsimposters (feat. Kaya Hoax)"

The Montreal-Rwandan Producer and Songwriter NKUSI teams up with Funkywhat for their recent transcendent single, "Impulsesvsimposters (feat. Kaya Hoax)."

Striving to claim his place in the Montreal music scene, this single truly puts himself and Funkywhat on the map.

In 2019, NKUSI was discovered after his debut EP, "Gutengiza," which led him to learn vast production tips and tricks from his close friend and Producer Jimmy Young. Bringing Funkywhat into the mix, he also adds soulful R&B into his warm creations, which lead us to the modern-day blend of Old School Hip-Hop, Funk, Soul, and R&B with their recent single, "Impulsesvsimposters (feat. Kaya Hoax)."

The single surround incredible and brilliant production, offering slivers of the genres stated above yet amplifying them with modernity through the deftly-produced electronic elements that melt over the track with ease. Not to mention Kaya Hoax's intriguing vocal stylings that sing a heavily desirous and lustful story, we're genuinely mesmerized by the sweet serenity of this profound piece.

"Impulsesvsimposters (feat. Kaya Hoax)" begins with distant synths roaming in the background and the slightest of percussion patterns. Once the vast beat drops with help from a droning synth, a mid-tempo drum break, and a profound bassline, Kaya Hoax comes in to make the track all the more passionate and sensual.