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NKUSI and Funkywhat Release a Vibing New Single, "Impulsesvsimposters (feat. Kaya Hoax)"

The Montreal-Rwandan Producer and Songwriter NKUSI teams up with Funkywhat for their recent transcendent single, "Impulsesvsimposters (feat. Kaya Hoax)."

Striving to claim his place in the Montreal music scene, this single truly puts himself and Funkywhat on the map.

In 2019, NKUSI was discovered after his debut EP, "Gutengiza," which led him to learn vast production tips and tricks from his close friend and Producer Jimmy Young. Bringing Funkywhat into the mix, he also adds soulful R&B into his warm creations, which lead us to the modern-day blend of Old School Hip-Hop, Funk, Soul, and R&B with their recent single, "Impulsesvsimposters (feat. Kaya Hoax)."

The single surround incredible and brilliant production, offering slivers of the genres stated above yet amplifying them with modernity through the deftly-produced electronic elements that melt over the track with ease. Not to mention Kaya Hoax's intriguing vocal stylings that sing a heavily desirous and lustful story, we're genuinely mesmerized by the sweet serenity of this profound piece.

"Impulsesvsimposters (feat. Kaya Hoax)" begins with distant synths roaming in the background and the slightest of percussion patterns. Once the vast beat drops with help from a droning synth, a mid-tempo drum break, and a profound bassline, Kaya Hoax comes in to make the track all the more passionate and sensual.

While giving us a taste of prime-time R&B with her desirous lyricism and impeccable vocal abilities, Kaya Hoax indeed added the needed depth and passion that the song required.

Around halfway through, NKUSI and Funkywhat take the track a step deeper and emphasize the groaning basslines and twinkling background synths. We can't help but hear a fresh sound similar to Kaytranada or Channel Tres with this vibe of a single, as NKUSI, Funkywhat, and Kaya Hoax transport us into pure bliss.

We're nothing but impressed with NKUSI and Funkywhat's mellow and transcendent single "Impulsesvsimposters (feat. Kaya Hoax)," as the three brilliant creators have lifted our spirits and placed them in the warmth of tightly-wound and modern R&B.

Hello Funkywhat and NKUSI and welcome to BuzzMusic. We're heavily intrigued by the likes of your serene single "Impulsesvsimposters (feat. Kaya Hoax)." What inspired the creation of the song?

Funkywhat and Kaya Hoax are good friends and had been wanting to collaborate for a while. We wanted a female feature for this song, so we thought maybe she’d be interested in working with the both of us on this track. She already had an idea for a melody prior to hearing the beat, and when she tried it on the track it was a perfect fit. She then finished writing the lyrics within a day and we recorded it in the same week or so.

Why did you want Funkywhat to accompany you on the creation of your single "Impulsesvsimposters (feat. Kaya Hoax)"? What was your sonic collaboration like?

Funky and I have mutual friends. We met over social media, decided to link up for a studio session, and realized that we shared similar tastes and visions, both sonically and artistically. What started as jams and loose ideas ended up being "Fwnk".

Speaking on the vibrant vocal feature from Kaya Hoax within "Impulsesvsimposters (feat. Kaya Hoax)," did you or Funkywhat help write the lyrics, or did you leave that task up to Kaya Hoax herself?

It was important for us to leave as much creative space as possible for our features. In that regard, Kaya wrote the lyrics herself.

We genuinely love the sonic collaboration between NKUSI and Funkywhat within "Impulsesvsimposters (feat. Kaya Hoax)." Might you release any collaborations together in the future?

Since the beginning of our collaboration, we've been in communication daily. Sending each other ideas and trying to make the most out of our latest releases. We both try to stay busy and create every day, plus the process leading to "Fwnk" was pretty smooth and enjoyable so yes definitely be on the lookout for more.

What can listeners anticipate to hear from you in the new year?

We are currently working on getting "Fwnk" on wax! So keep your eye open for more ways to connect and interact with our latest piece of work and many more goodies to come.


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