"No More We" Is the Emotional New Release From Sunny Perez

Sunny Perez is a New Jersey-based artist who creates inspiring Hip-Hop. Sunny's latest release "No More We" is a dynamic evolving song that has seamless transitions from each section to different vocal styles that keep you engaged with every lyric.

"No More We" features chill but energetic 808 drum grooves, a deep bass that lays down hints of melodic motifs, incredibly moody and ambient synth pads, and an engaging vocal performance that shows everything that Sunny Perez is capable of. The vocals transform from an intense thoughtful honest rap in the verse that has a seriously intense flow, to a larger chant in the chorus that highlights more vocal effects and layering in every word. The drums and pads lay down a beautiful driving ambient texture that allows for every one of Sunny Perez's vocal performances to shine and have space to breathe. "No More We" has a subtle, dramatic sad tension that may have you reminiscing of your last relationship or past love. This becomes accentuated at the very end with the final rap performance as Sunny Perez pushes his voice, it starts to beautifully break up with emotion. This is an incredibly high energy release from Sunny Perez that we'll have on repeat all week.

Listen to "No More We" by Sunny Perez, here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Sunny Perez! Wow starting at just 10 years old is really something! How did you get into creating music? Do you remember what had inspired you?

Thank you so much, it's an honor to be here. I grew up singing in a choir. And got exposed to Eminem. I wanted to be able to express myself the way he did through rap. I quit the choir and remember my 10 years old mindset was if this man from a trailer park can make it why can't I? Anything is possible. Your latest release "No More We' has quite a modern flair to every element and lyric, what kind of personal connection do the lyrics have with you? How did you come to them? 

No More We is a closer look and my relationship with my ex-fiancee. The lyrics come from a place of love and Pain. I still love her at this very moment, but I can't and couldn't wait for her. I had to go get all the things I said was going to happen. The production style of "No More We" definitely has that polished smooth vibe, did you have any influences or inspiration that helped shape the song? How did you come to the sonic choices used in the song?

All I can say is drake has gotta be the ultimate light skin goat lol. Drizzy, tory, trey, Chris Brown, partynextdoor and pnbrock. They all have been doing what I've been doing before they blew, Rapping and singing. We all share those qualities. The above mentioned helping me fine-tune the direction as far as marketing and consumers go as well as branding. Just watching the top dogs changed my game. I am always in student mode. The way they deliver is similar to how I deliver, but the sound comes from heartbreak something that cant be simulated. It's definitely been a ride from when you started creating music to now, how do you think you have grown as an artist? Do you have any aspirations that you have set for yourself? 

When I lost the love of my life I found who I was. "The flawless body the all the lovemaking all the multiple women." Whatever it is that people think we as men want. I needed someone in my corner who believed in my vision as much as me, if not more than me. #Foryourgirlfriend went from tape to an indie brand. That's only getting bigger through Clothing, shoes, and Fyg the movie. I'm more focused then I have ever been. When my ex left she prepared me for every crowd of people and every digital streaming platform streamer in the world. What can we expect to see from you throughout 2020? 6. Sony the orchard,


mag, 5managment, Xtreme world music and myself have so much in-store just follow me on ig @therealsunyperez.  #ForYourGirlfriend Pt.2 " She Waited 4 Me " is on the way in 2020 more interviews my goal is to land on Billboard top 100 this year. Most of all continue to express who I am across the world.