Noah Horne Is On A Consistent Path To Major Success

Noah Horne is a pleasant breath of fresh air. He has a magical twist when it comes to his music. Noah Horne plays the harp and mixes it with his pop-influenced sound. Born in London, bred in Norfolk, he was surrounded by strong communities with the desire to bond and unite over the music. Unfortunately, Noah Horne didn’t have the same level of support and love. He grew up surrounded by lots of people telling him what he must do and how he must think, but he was equipped with other plans! Noah Horne got his footing when he auditioned for a popular show that toured around the UK and Europe, called “Wild Life FM” in 2015. This was a show for teenagers, ran by teenagers and it impressed audiences all over the continent. Firstly addressing the relationship between teenage anxiety and songwriting, followed by challenging the traditional and even progressive status quo through original music, Noah Horne was able to get an early start on finding himself as a true artist and his impressive tracklist shows that.

After collaborating with CODIC on his first two singles 'Seventeen' and 'Astronaut', Noah has finally released his third single ''Lift Off' in the fall of 2019, completing the trilogy of songs released in 2019. 'Lift Off' will signify letting go of a toxic relationship, i.e. forgive but don't forget. Noah heads down a dance-pop path, with exciting releases early in 2020. Collaborating with producer and sound designer 'Michaelangelo', both artists are creating an exciting but maybe dark dance track emerging. Huge music projects are dropping throughout next year, and you don’t want to miss out on all that’s in store for us from the one and only Noah Horne!

Listen to Noah Horne here.


Hey Noah Horne! We’re glad to have you on our BuzzMusic platform. Talk to us about your music more in-depth. You released your single “Lift Off” which was a FIRE hit! Tell us about the creative process behind this record?

THANK U SO MUCH! I can't believe it went down as well as it did. You guys picked it up like 10 MINUTES after I released it, I'm SO GRATEFUL for your amazing words, it's one of the reasons why I continue to keep doing music. This was an interesting process because I think I always wanted 'Lift Off' to be beautiful and natural, just the words flowing through accompanied by the piano as the only thing holding the song down. The lyrics about letting go of a toxic relationship are so important, and for this song, my producer Ben (Half Crescent) and myself just felt it wasn't appropriate to place hundreds of squeaky clean synths in the mix. The song was all about isolation and those experiences of being alienated as a teen growing up in Norfolk, England forced me to write about those experiences to reclaim the slightest bit of sanity. Ben told me to literally let it out in the final recording and just pour out the emotion (we did so many demo tracks haha).

In what ways does “Lift Off” differentiate itself from your previous releases from your artist perspective?

Lift Off is definitely the song baby I want to protect. It is my most stripped back and most raw song. It's about letting go and turning over a new leaf and I think that's so so important in today's world to build bridges that are so easily destroyed. There was this one person who messed me up emotionally, by convincing me that they loved me, and then when I fell for them they ignored and ghosted me. I wrote lift off to cope with the homophobia I suffered from the situation. It's a song about bringing peace to myself though, by literally 'lifting off' the bad situation to start over. Ie forgives the person but doesn't forget. The song is controversial. Some people LOVE IT. Others RIPPED IT APART. But at the end of the day, I wrote it to cope with homophobia that was inflicted on me, so I will let that thought lie with the haters.

What inspired the lyrics behind “Lift Off” and how were you able to personally relate to this single?

My music talks about isolation, and one of my most striking memories was being alone in a dark field at night in the country, feeling like there was nowhere to turn because I had been badly bullied that day and wanted to be alone - and I remember I stood there with a lack of hope and I looked up. Norfolk, England has one of the clearest skies in the country, where you can see the stars and the galaxies weave in and out of each other. People used to see this as a sign of hope in the 60s space-age optimism movement. There was this whole mantra of escaping the harsh realities of life through surrealism, like driving your car to the moon or something crazy like that. This child-like image of a hot air balloon floating into outer space and not returning was just so sad to me - yet bittersweet beautiful. My mum used to read me the story about 'la petit prince', who was searching through the dark in outer space for purpose in life: to make sense of the world. This hugely resonated with me. The homophobia that was inflicted on me made me feel like a million miles away, like drifting alone amongst the satellites above the cold stratosphere. No one can hear you cry for help in outer space, I had to rescue myself.

What can you hint to us about your 2020 releases? 

We are definitely going down a more electronic path - that's for sure. And u guys will be the first blog to premiere it, that REALLY EXCITES ME! It's definitely more pop, but the dark and melancholic undertones will continue. Life isn't always pretty, and I feel my music has to talk about those skeletons in the closet and force them out into the open. There will be more self-empowerment bops, however. I'm moving forward and will unapologetically reclaim my righteous space of existing in peace, with a bit of sass chucked in of course lol.

What’s next for you Noah Horne?

Hopefully the most amazing future full of kindness and happiness. Giving back to my fans and giving them the most beautiful music they deserve. I hope to continue to heal people through my music. I've been doing some acting too - which has been entertaining, to say the least, but hopefully giving back valuable to all my true fans, THANK YOU ALL FOR HAVING ME! YOU SUPERSTARS ROCK and I CAN'T WAIT TO BE BACK SOON!