Nora Murray Emotionally Asks for, "Somebody to Hold"

The Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter and recording artist Nora Murray opens her heart in a recent sweet-sounding single, "Somebody to Hold."

After making the move to Los Angeles, Nora Murray initially intended to focus on her acting career but later felt compelled to get back into singing and songwriting to feed the soul. Always striving to connect with her audience, Nora Murray creates music that has helped her heal through rough times while hoping it will offer the same experience to her listeners.

Currently recording her forthcoming EP, Nora Murray introduces us to the project's theme and concept through a lush and emotional single, "Somebody to Hold." While Nora Murray showcases her breathy and beautiful soprano vocals, she makes the song's theme incredibly clear by exclaiming how she yearns for someone to hold and take care of her when the nights get cold.

Hitting play on the single, "Somebody to Hold," the song gently opens with a plucky and soft electric guitar that sets the song's reflective and emotional tone. As Nora Murray makes her beautiful and captivating appearance, she expands on how we humans see ourselves and hide behind the veil of reality. While she continues to serenade us with vast emotion and tenderness, the song's instrumentals begin to develop and lead us towards the passionate hook.

Reaching the song's climax about three-quarters in, Nora Murray and her accompanying instrumentals gently pulse through our speakers with immense passion, especially as she closes the song with lyrics that crave someone to hold.

Feel your heart skip a beat with Nora Murray's recent single, "Somebody to Hold," and be on the lookout for her forthcoming EP later this year.

We genuinely admire the vulnerability you've delivered within your recent single, "Somebody to Hold." Was there a specific moment that inspired you to create this emotional single?

Well, when I wrote the song I was going through a lonely phase and was feeling a bit lost. Even though I had so many good things around me I wasn’t able to shake that dark cloud that hovered. I felt over-sensitive and couldn’t settle to just distract myself enough to feel happy again. I wanted so desperately to be held and comforted but I wasn’t allowing myself to reveal those needs. So it’s like suffering in silence and not allowing yourself to get help. You just hope that eventually, it goes away which we all know it doesn’t. So I poured those emotions out into this song as a way to say I need someone to help me get through this. When writing your lyrics for "Somebody to Hold," how did you write your words to not only tell your story but to invite listeners to relate and connect?

In all honesty, I don’t think much about the lyrics I’m writing at the moment I just let whatever comes up have the space to do so. The fact that it’s just pure feelings without me really pushing for anything is probably what makes it so relatable. I don’t have to try to convince anyone I am feeling a certain way because everything I write about I have experienced first hand. It’s just raw and honest without being filtered into anything else. Also growing up I used to be really shy and reserved so singing and writing became an outlet to decompress and speak my truth early on. It was a safe space to just say whatever I wanted without any fear of being criticized or judged. Songwriting in general has become somewhat of a therapy session for me throughout my life. It really helps me understand myself and I feel like being honest in this outlet allows room for others to relate and connect to the music.

Do you usually capture such peaceful and warm instrumental arrangements within your music, similar to "Somebody to Hold?" Is this kind of sound a staple for you?

This has been the arrangement that I have been drawn to in this musical phase of my life. I just want people to feel comforted when they listen to my music. I find it has a medicinal kind of effect on my mind and I'm hopeful that feeling is mutual with the listeners. The warm layers are a necessary element I like to incorporate in my creations. Should we expect to hear "Somebody to Hold" on your forthcoming EP? Will the project tell a similar tale as the single?

Yes absolutely. It won’t necessarily be a similar tale but relatable emotions that tie the songs together. What's your favorite release of this year, from an independent artist you admire?

There is something nostalgic about the music I’ve discovered from independent artists this past year. I would have to say Olivia Dean really captivated me with her haunting vocals. She has a handful of songs that are all so inviting. “Slowly" was what drew me in this year and kept me coming back for more. There is something very calming about her music that makes me feel really good when I listen to it.