Nordi Blu Released Her Dynamically Driven Single “Skin”

Singing has always been intimate and necessary as breathing was to Nordi Blu who grew up singing with women on the french side of her family and guitar.

Nordi Blu released her single titled “Skin” and this dynamically powerful single was emotionally convicting and extensive in elements. The message was what intrigued me the most, however her poetic songwriting seemed to have represented something deep and contextual. The production of the beat was highly augmented and climaxed in dynamics. Nordi Blu is an impressive vocalist. Her rich in texture, poised with a bashful delivery, makes this song a striking and electrifying hit. “Skin” is the perfect song for those seeking music with meaning. If you enjoy a good vocal belt with an elevating production, “01 Skin” is the record for you.

Listen to "Skin" here and get to know more about Nordi Blu on social media

Welcome to Buzzmusic Nordi Blu! Mind telling us a bit about how you discovered your passion for music?

Thank you, and thank you guys so much for having me! I started singing with my mother and my grandmother during our car rides when I was growing up in France. It was a great way to pass the time as a child, and it's how I learned the foundations of pitch and harmonizing. I've got no training other than what the French women in my family have taught me. Passion came later, and was actually discovered for me. I was sitting in the common area in my rehab (I was a bad teenager) with a good friend. He started playing "House of the Rising Sun" on the guitar, and since I knew it, I started singing along. The music teacher walked by as I started singing the song, and she told me "you've got to perform, kid". I played my first live show with that same friend on the guitar and I have been working on my craft ever since. Music became a way to heal and grow and continues to be just that for me today. 

What are some lessons you’ve learned so far in your journey as an artist that has impacted and essentially benefited your artistry?

I've learned some tough lessons, especially recently. My debut single "Skin" actually deals with these tough lessons a lot. At the end of the day, this is an industry and we are all working towards making the best possible music for our fans and audiences. There are a lot of pitfalls that I have encountered along the way, but they have made me stronger and inspired me to be the independent artist that I am today. Something else I've learned recently is: a song will never be perfect. Do your absolute best, get it to the best possible version that it can be and release it! 

“Skin” seems to have a strong message underlying the lyrics. What was this song about? What inspired you to write it?

You're absolutely right, "Skin" is one sassy song! "Skin" is the fiery and gritty tale of hard work, rolling up your sleeves and getting through the intricacies of the music industry as an independent artist. Many false promises get made to independent artists, and these false promises are what made me pick myself back up and self-release "Skin" with the help of my fans, friends and family. There is no reason to let people push you around, especially when your "neck is on the line". 

What was the most challenging aspect in creating “Skin” and why?

I think the most challenging aspect of creating "Skin" was facing up to how difficult being an independent artist can be, and having the courage to point a finger at the way the industry treats us at times. I'm proud that I was able to stand up for myself, and I hope that I can inspire other artists to stand up for themselves too. 

What’s next for you Nordi Blu?

I actually just booked a one way ticket to LA! I'll be moving from Berlin back to California on September 24th, and am excited to bring my career directly into the heart of the industry. I hope my debut single "Skin" will create some momentum and get me into the right rooms with the right people to discuss what's next for NordiBlu. I've got plenty of ideas, and I can't wait to share them with the world very soon!  

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