Not Another "Playboy," Pharaoh Santana is on the Rise

Westchester, Los Angeles artist Pharaoh Santana has been on a steady ascent to the top since their debut EP dropped in 2014.

The personality he brings to his custom blend of Hip-hop, Rap, R&B, and Neo-soul is just as connectable as the lyrics that reach out with a personal touch. Inspired by artists such as Thugga, K Camp, Andre 3000, and Capital Steez, Pharaoh Santana’s style is designed for internationally eager ears.

Tapping into this emerging artist’s lyrical dexterity and unapologetic swagger in his most recent hit, “Playboy,” Pharaoh Santana manages to combine a balanced concoction of Hip-hop and Neo-soul as he douses listeners in a sizzling flame of musicality. It’s hard to pinpoint the era that Pharaoh Santana embodies because of the numerous pieces he takes from Hip-hop culture as he intertwines it with his unique creations.

A retro soundscape has the bass pulsating through this beat at an all-time high. Focusing our attention on the mind-altering universe that takes us on a roller-coaster of the witty quips divulged by Pharaoh Santana, “Playboy” exemplifies a message that goes beyond your average braggadocious anthem. Mesmerizing tenors that spill from the clear and present tonal distinction of Pharaoh Santana sits in the foreground of your mind as you allow yourself to take in the snapshot of a misrepresented culture that a variety of artists are desperate to present as tactless.

Using his unmatched confidence, Pharaoh Santana applies a fusion of charisma and passion to this record as we lean back into the soul-infused performance. On the route that Pharaoh Santana is headed, certainly, he isn’t just another “Playboy.”