NOvaPHaseFIve Unleashes His "MORTAL HABITS" Onto Willing Listeners

Creativity is simply peaking with alternative, psychedelic-focused electronica music artist NOvaPHaseFIve. When he released his otherworldly single "MORTAL HABITS," our minds went into a frenzy with his absolute tenacity toward eclecticism. NOvaPHaseFIve roots his music deeply in mystical, bona fide tones that can always pique a listening ear's interest.

For NOvaPHaseFIve, "MORTAL HABITS" holds a special place in his heart, as the song was inspired by someone dear to him at the time of writing it. He remembers the relationship to be full of romantic nuances that offered a fun and liberating energy, thus the creation of "MORTAL HABITS" itself.

NOvaPHaseFIve released "MORTAL HABITS" as a way to embody his album, "THE IMMORTAL DEDICATION." He wanted his listeners to immerse themselves in the layered soundworld "MORTAL HABITS" manifested and to remember the full-body effect that the song was able to capture for many. His overpowering sound truly allows him to portray himself as a non-genre conforming artist, which should only make listeners all the more excited to hear what NOvaPHaseFIve will be able to conjure up next.

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