NTHN's 2019 Year: An Overview of the UK-singer's Versatile Sound!

NTHN's sound has evolved throughout 2019. The UK-based singer/songwriter and producer combines a surplus of inspiration from everyday life in order to create the very stories and soundings we receive from him today. NTHN has always created music to connect to his vulnerabilities and emulate that to his listeners. When we saw the releases of his EP "Tides", we felt like we were in for a real imaginative treat with NTHN. He begins off his 2019 EP release with "Sirens", an instrumental track that begins off with a melancholic tuning, but swiftly blends into a melodramatic production with a deep and echoing ambiance. Eventually, we're entirely captivated by the ethereal synths and genuine embrace the song takes on. As we migrate further into the instrumental world of NTHN, we come across tracks like "Adrift", which features the vocal harmonies of NTHN, as he uses his instrumental collection with his contemporary take on the Hip/Hop category. "Adrift" is a laidback, chill kind of environment that many can resonate with.

Some singles 2019 saw from NTHN were "Remember" and "Stay a While". The two tracks highlight elements that we don't see in the other tracks from NTHN, similar to his EP. That's an element to NTHN that we've really come to appreciate--his ability to lay out tracks that each encompasses a varying atmosphere and striving to connect with listeners in different ways. As we near the end of our brief overlook NTHN's 2019, we come to speak on our favourite track he released this year: "Emersion". The track has such similar soundings to the likes of Twenty One Pilots, with that quick and spoken-word vocalism that's ever so prominent in the alternative world of music today. NTHN's music is undoubtedly an experience to undergo as any listener. He offers up the most versatile tracklist we've seen from any artist this 2019. We're genuinely looking forward to what we hear next from NTHN, as his sound will always carry a special place in our music-loving hearts.

Give a listen to NTHN's 2019 soundings here!