NYM's, "The Way You Move," is an Intoxicating Pop Classic, With a Captivating Music Video Attached

The alluring New York-based Pop duo performing under the cognomen, New York Minute, or NYM for short, has just released their latest single, "The Way You Move," with a captivating music video appended.

Operating at the helm of this new-age project, where hip-hop verses and dance-oriented hooks collide, are brothers Hollow and Hero, who hold close lineage to some of NYC's most iconic underground names in Hip-Hop from the 90s.

It's this same sort of notoriety that comes fastened to anything this delectable duo lays their hands on; whether it be sonic gyration or video-feature enchantment, NYM is making moves to stardom one salacious hook at a time.

With a moniker that pays homage to the fast-paced lifestyle associated with living in the Big-Apple, it's no surprise that NYM's latest single, "The Way You Move," lands with the same high-energy, dance-inductive potential that you would imagine equates to the bustling street life of New York City.

Opening with a catching hook from Charlene that screams instant pop classic: "It's just the way you move, the things you do, makes it feel so right, I'm in the mood." Hero and Hollow waste no time super-charing the air with their salubrious trade-mark magnetism, injecting their verses one after the other with nonchalant ease and serious veteran flow.

Their production comes loaded too, featuring a booming low-end, dynamic sample and oscillating synths working in-tandem with Charlene's infatuating tonality to produce a sensation that can only be described as intoxicating.

In their accompanied video-feature, NYM renders-up like business-professionals, corraling together in boardrooms and in the sunny boardwalks of NYC to find the next star talent to skyrocket their musical endeavors.

What happens next is a tsunami of bombastic choreography from Yiff Chen herself, while the camera shifts from Hero, in his bespoke-tailored suit on the streets, and Hollow, with his stern and humbling demeanor at the helm of a board room, pampered by his stunning business associate.

It's like watching a blockbuster movie centered around two hustlers, each permeating their own adhesive swagger and aesthetic as they versify with complete and utter control. The entire production lands as a cohesive combination of dance and pop music amalgamated to produce an exact look at what NYC's next musical notorieties look like.

"The Way You Move" is another testament to the musical doyens the brother's operating under NYM have become; seldom wavering in their approach to star-dom and always providing listeners with an ear full of gratifying sonic stimulus.

Can you run us through how you came up with the idea behind "The Way You Move," and its music video feature? What were the main influences in the entire creative endeavor?

The concept behind "The Way You Move" is about capturing every advantage of a real-world experience. If you listen closely to the beat, it starts like a movie, and from there we knew we had a special track. The idea is putting together a project that relates to everybody. It’s one of those hits with a story behind the lyrics and we are conveying it. We’ve created a hybrid sound of music which really illustrates what New York Minute (NYM) is all about.

While developing this track, we aimed for a positive, uplifting feeling- and that came through the vocals. Now, in the video we were inspired by merging two films: Maid in Manhattan and Pretty Woman, and put our own modern-day twist concerning working-class mobility in Corporate America. The video shows the beginning stages of NYM and you will see the difference in the group as we grow with new projects.

What was your favorite part about working with your production crew for "The Way You Move?" Were there any pivotal moments that stood out as impactful or lesson-baring? 

Honestly, it’s the support and cooperation when you’re working with a team. From the film production to artists, to actors, to the audio engineer, and the choreography. The more we support each other, the more successful we all will be in the long run; NYM is blessed to work with a group of talented individuals. I mean, our vocalist on the hook who blessed us with her voice, we are fans of her artistry. Her interest in collaborating with us is a big win for us, moments like that really raises the bar and boost our confidence in fulfilling our vision.

What sorts of emotion were you trying to highlight throughout "The Way You Move" and its music video? Did those emotions differ from song to video? 

The main focus for the track is definitely a positive feel, to capture a mood where you can express one’s success without gloating or cockiness. The video is a mini-film emphasizing the rapidity of life in New York and all the emotions it carries with it—"anything can change in a New York Minute”.

If you could give your audience a few words that would act as the prologue to the adventure behind "The Way You Move" and the rest of your musical catalog coming out, what would you say, and why?

If we can briefly describe our work to our audience it would be confidence and excitement. Confidence because you must believe in yourself, believe in your craft, and vision. When you reach that level of confidence, then the sky is limit. We are taking ourselves on a journey where we will be improving and creating quality music, and excitement fuels us to take it to the next level. We intend on keeping our audience entertained indefinitely.

What has been keeping you inspired in 2020? What can we expect to see next from you?

What inspired us is New York 2020. We are living in tough times so as a community we should combat the challenges in front of us in our own unique way only way—for us, it's creating quality projects with positive messages. In essence, we are driven by the negativity which surrounds us to contribute something positive. We have brand new music dropping really soon, and another project coming out, so we encourage everyone to stay tuned. It’s one roller-coaster ride you guys want a ticket for and thank you to everyone that supports the Gemini project.