Nyukyung Delivers 5 Expressive New Songs with Ep “Moonlight, Vol. 1”

With “Moonlight, Vol. 1”, Tacoma-native Nyukyung brings together five uniquely expressive recordings that each work hard to build a finished journey that’s as meaningful as it is enjoyable. Things start off on a definite high, “My Type” presents a striking electronic ambiance and emotive verses that contrast cleverly with a smooth and melodic hook section. While certain moments feel openly rooted in or inspired by pop, certain others feel much more alternative and freely creative; that balance and freedom work well.

“Slow”  follows on and the crisp soundscape fused with these soulful and intimate vocals really begins to grab you. Moving stylishly from melody to rap, Nyukyung creates dynamic and utilizes every second and every aspect of his music as a further means of expressing the underlying sentiments. The track makes for a quickly likable, ambient and awakening listening experience. The unmistakable fusion of heartache and overcoming make an appearance on the project and helps showcase the softer side of Nyukyung’s creative work. This soulful alternative R&B classic is incredibly poignant and empowering in the way it deals with such a remarkably personal subject matter. There’s an energy to moments like this. The track is instrumentally vibrant and works hard to present a sense of overcoming and possibility.

“Put In All of Me” ft. J. Cook and Masetti sees a classic R&B groove pour through, with a crisp and satisfying flicker of hip-hop. The heavy marching beat makes for an intimate performance with a superb melody-line. Again, the vocals shine brightly here, multiple layers of voice help strengthen certain moments in an all-immersive way. There’s nostalgia for the sound, but from a songwriting perspective, the journey is perfectly fresh. The changes throughout keep things structurally interesting with the higher melodic moments contrasting with the lower ones. In every case, the performance more than meets the bar. This track’s hook offers perhaps the most notable ear-worm of the entire EP, you’ll walk away with that line running through your mind.

“Shouldn’t Take Long” ft. Masetti switches gear again, presenting a quickly optimistic soundscape that fuses a more upbeat melody with some classic hip-hop and a rhythmically complex beat. The creativity that rains down throughout “Moonlight, Vol. 1” is genuinely and incomparable. At the same time, the songwriting is wonderfully original, and on “Shouldn’t Take Long” ft. Masetti, in particular, Nyukyung’s leading voice sounds strong and expressive, effortlessly gritty or smooth depending on what the moment requires. A definite highlight, musically satisfying, unpredictable, deeply personal and honest.

Through Nyukyung’s single “Will You”, the roots of the genre stand tall. His voice has character and the bars impress more and more so as the track progresses. The beat is the backbone of authenticity and the weight of the soundscape helps cement the track as more than worthy of its role within R&B/hip-hop. The second time you spin the track, the key riff pours through with immediate familiarity - the calling cards of an effective anthem. It has certain layers and details that capture your interest from afar. On top of this, Nyukyung’s vocals add identity, the lyrics feel fresh. genuine, intense, and real in what they present. The passion and grit in his voice add further weight to the concept throughout “Will You”. The perfect way to finish, musically embracing the listener and underlining one last time the freely meandering nature of Nyukyung’s performance and writing styles in unison. The whole EP features spectacular production and passionate, powerful performances stand tall at every step.

Listen to Nyukyung’s EP “Moonlight, Vol. 1” here

Hello Nyukyung! We're beyond happy to be featuring you and your EP “Moonlight, Vol. 1” on BuzzMusic! Tell us about the recording process, and how the overall curative process was for this project.

Thank you for having me! I recorded Moonlight during the summer of this year and I was going through a lot of relationship issues. The EP was inspired by a girl I met in school and the songs highlight the different emotions I felt during the time. The title moonlight was actually just for a single I'd been working on but ultimately decided to turn it into an entire project just because I had so much I wanted to say. It was a real challenge recording this project as I am not normally very open when it comes to my personal life but I didn't question it and just made what I felt was right.

“Slow" is surging with articulate emotions. What kind of feelings did you want listeners to be washed over with when listening to the song?

This was the second song I made for the EP and it was intended to be just a message for the girl who inspired the project. I really wanted to get across my feelings in a way that highlighted my personal struggles as well as showing her that I was willing to take time with our relationship. At the end of the day, I feel like this is something a lot of people can relate to as love is an extremely powerful emotion and people fall in and out of it every day. I want the listeners to learn about me through this EP and feel like they know me better after going through the EP. Slow is a special song and one of my personal favorites as I held nothing back.

How would you say your music now compares to the music you curated when you first started out in the music industry?

When I first started making music I was just making whatever I thought would get me attention. Now I am much more comfortable with myself and make music on the topics that I can relate to. I am not as concerned with pleasing people as I am much more focused on creating good quality music that I can be happy with.

You really where your heart on your sleeve throughout this whole EP! What predominant message was integrated within "Shouldn’t Take Long"?

The biggest message in "Shouldn't Take Long" is to stay persistent and hopeful in whatever endeavors you are pursuing. Often times people go through the struggle and lose faith but sometimes you have to believe in something even if you can't see it yet. This is a message my coach always gave to me in my years of playing collegiate sports and its how I live my life.

Thanks so much for talking with us Nyukyung! What would you say inspires you and your music the most?

My music is inspired by my life and the different experiences I get to go through. I will always be transparent in my music and I want the listener to feel like they know me through what I say in my lyrics.


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