Oakrest Injects Much Needed Dopamine into Our Daily Lives with Latest Single "Nothing Serious"

Oakrest is the blistering, high-energy Pop-Punk group based out of Newmarket, Ontario, that fuses addictive hooks and uplifting choruses that leave behind an after-glow so bright, you'll be wearing your favorite shades for days.

More favoring in their pop aesthetic than punk, these Canadian musical machines produce songs that are dripping with radio-ready quality, with choruses that spur progressively over catchy hooks that feel adhesive in a way we won't soon overlook. This year, they've released their latest musical bestowment of radiant energy over their tastefully resolute guitars on, "Nothing Serious."

This track teases us with a tantalizing lead vocal that blends seamlessly amongst the driving spirit behind the Canadian band's Pop-Punk orchestrations: gushing guitar riffs, heavy smashing drums, and a magnetic chorus that pulls us in. It's the type of journey that finds the vocals exuding with a fervent trill in the verse, and erupting for the chorus, as the transition from one section breaks through into the other with reinforced punk energy.

The drums sound massive and encompassing as they synergize with the guitars and a rounded bass that bounces below; and there's no shortage of juicy double peddle kicks, cohesive buildups, and half time breakdowns. The whole endeavor presents with no shortage of conductive energy, and dance-inducing spirit on Nothing Serious, and the Newmarket Pop-Punk collective are sure to be riding the waves of its success through its anticipated release.

Hey Oakrest, thanks for catching up with us. Where did you end up recording this single, and what was that experience like?

We recorded Nothing Serious with our friend Anton Delost (who has also recorded our previous EP’s, 'This Story Needs An End' and 'Annamaria Dr.'). Working with Anton is like catching up with an old friend. We only see each other every now and then, but when we do, it’s a big vibe!  

How did fuel the creative intuition behind your compelling toplines and solid-clean Pop-Punk orchestrations with veteran professionalism?

The thing that allowed me to get creative when writing was as simple as just trying it out and seeing if I liked it! Doing this has opened my mind and opened more paths I can take when writing.

What are you most excited about as a band concerning your sound, plans for new musical directions, or even specific collaborations down the road?

We are very excited to record our new record in the future! Quarantine has given us so much time to patiently write, and be picky about what we like and what we don’t like. This new record so far is something we’ve never done in terms of our sound, and with that being said our fans can expect a new direction from Oakrest in the future.

What's been your most impactful inspiration or influence musically during these turbulent times we are living in?

A huge influence on me (Jacob Szabo) was the new Neck Deep album (All Distortions Are Intentional)! The whole vibe on the record really spoke to me, and has inspired a lot of the songs on our new upcoming record!

What has been keeping you inspired throughout 2020?

The thing that has been keeping me inspired during 2020, is the fact that I gratefully get to work from home right now. When I finish my workday, it’s as simple as going downstairs, turning my amp on, and writing for hours! Being an introvert, even on my weekends, I still try to find the time to go downstairs and write.