OFFCOURSE Addresses the Burning Passion in his Craft with "Address That"

South London Rap artist OFFCOURSE returns with the latest “Address That,” single and music video.

Using captivating lyricism, OFFCOURSE summarizes his experiences in the music industry as he pays homage to his educational background.

As one to set the tone, he challenges the scene to set an alternative example to the younger generation of emerging rap artists. Heavily influenced by UK rap legends such as Wretch 32, Kano, and Chip that have been admired for their concrete lyricism, rare honesty, and intellectual wordplay, OFFCOURSE is passionate about spreading positivity to his listeners

“Address That,” is the highly anticipated single off OFFCOURSE's forthcoming debut EP, which is lined up to be released in the early months of 2021. Produced by mastermind Adotskitz, who has previously worked with the likes of Stormzy, Krept & Konan, Skepta, Mr Eazi, and French Montana, this record is a hard-hitting rap track amped up by a heavy bassline that shakes the speakers.

The high-quality visuals for “Address That,” was a collaborative effort with director 1Time. The dynamic duo linked up to bring the entrancing record to its maximum larger than life like potential. OFFCOURSE is in full force braggadocious mode while oozing confidence, as he performs hard-hitting lyrics about the finer things in his life and railing against some of the fake elements of the music industry.

The music video takes place in the ever so inspiring Paris, France, the city that “Address That,” was created in. Straying away from the predictable Eiffel Tower scenes that one would expect from a music video filmed in Paris, the two decided to act as a tour guide and shine a light on the side of the city that show its unique traits.

The visuals presented drip in the boisterous personality of OFFCOURSE as they capture him in various elements of bliss. Crisp and colorful images fill the screen in environments that bring the artist happiness. You have the booming nightlife, dining experiences, touring the city on scooters, and shopping the boutiques in such an effortless manner.

OFFCOURSE’s music hits hard with subtle and intricate wordplay, honest stories, captivating lyricism, and mature delivery, with a message that is clear, direct, and often missing in today’s society. He wants to share his success and knowledge with the universe and there is no doubt that they’re all watching.

We loved following the visuals you put in place for this record. Was your creative direction always to go back to Paris to film? How did the idea for the scenes come about?

Thanks a lot & much love for having me!! Yeah, the creative direction was always to go back to Paris. I wrote the song when I was there earlier in the year, so I wanted to capture that same energy and feel. We also felt it helped set the scene, specifically as I say “I’m in Paris” in the song lol. We wanted to keep the video very organic. We just filmed my everyday movement through the city with friends, in a vlog fashion. It literally showed what we do in Paris; Partying, eating at nice restaurants, sneaker shopping, chilling in nice cafe’s and riding on scooters! The final edit pieced together nicely.

What made you decide to choose “Address That,” as the first single off of your forthcoming EP?

It’s my first song working with producer AdotSkitz and it's completely different from what I’ve put out previously; in terms of delivery, song structure, and overall vibe. A lot of my music requires you to sit and listen. I wanted this one to draw the listener in first with the amazing production. It catches you off guard in a good way; so you’re somewhat forced to check out the rest of my material. We thought it would be a great introduction to who I am as an artist. What does this song mean to you as an artist and an individual?

The song touches on everything that defines me as an artist. I “ADDRESS” a few things; the importance of competing with the best, buying nice things, traveling, being around beautiful women, saving money, loyalty, privacy, my views on the music industry today, and how I’ve progressed over the years as an artist. There are a lot of messages in this song if you read between the lines. As an artist and individual, I’m proud of the song as I was able to touch on all of these in a succinct way and a way that still complements the beat. It continues to showcase my versatility. What was your favorite scene filmed in the video and what’s your reasoning behind it?

I had a great time filming in ‘Mr. T’ restaurant. The restaurant is owned by a friend of mine. We were able to try some amazing dishes and experience a whole new level of dining; and caught the experience on camera! I would advise anyone who visits Paris to head to this restaurant. I recommend Mr. T Kebab or The Black Smoky Burger! What has been keeping you inspired and creative while creating new music this year?

There’s so much new talent coming out at the moment; especially in the UK. I feel like artists are being rewarded for being authentic and staying true to themselves. That’s always refreshing to see and stimulates my creative mind! It’s been a crazy 2020, but nevertheless, people have been in positive spirits and still cracking on! That in itself is inspiring! ᐧ