OITNB and Good Girls Actress Jackie Cruz Wants Women to Be Powerful, Independent and Unstoppable

Jackie Cruz is here on BuzzMusic to showcase her recent music video for her new single "Be Bad". As a notorious actress, featuring alongside the members of Orange Is the New Black as Marisol "Flaca" and most recently alongside Christina Hendricks in the blockbuster TV series Good Girls, Jackie Cruz has always had a hidden talent stuffed up her sleeve: music.

Proving to be a dedicated singer/songwriter, Jackie debuted her first-ever album, titled 'Hija de Chavez', last year, which saw the bright beginning of her career as a music artist. The product of this new creative side we're seeing from Jackie Cruz? Just as captivating as her on-set persona. The music that Jackie is constructing and releasing follows the prominent theme of her overall artistry-- one who advocates for what is right and gives her time to creative projects that have substance.

The music video for "Be Bad" opens up with an intriguing scene that sets the theme for the entirety of the song. Once we're exposed to the reality of "Be Bad", we find ourselves not only captivated by Jackie Cruz but, extremely attracted to the productional and vocal stylings of the song. Jackie Cruz created a song that is able to fulfill many listening needs as we're offered the noncomplicated, ambient rhythm, alongside lyrical content that promotes growth, understanding, as well as honesty.

Jackie's vocals themselves are undoubtedly sultry and alluring throughout the entirety of the song's video, bringing about a methodical flow of thought-provoking lyrics in the most tranquil way possible. It's hard to believe that you can listen to "Be Bad" without having your senses and overall thoughts completely stimulated, as she delves deep into her vulnerabilities, allowing listeners to see a particular side of her that may not have always been accessible. We've found that Jackie Cruz's music was a gateway to understand her more as an artist and to bring to light many features of her personal thoughts, which allows the start of a strong connection to be established between artist and listener.

Listen to "Be Bad" on Spotify.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Jackie Cruz! The music video for "Be Bad" has finally released! For those who haven't listened yet to "Be Bad," how would you describe the ultimate theme of the single, and how do you feel that "Be Bad" compares to earlier tracks you created from your album "Hija de Chavez?"

It’s 2020. Women are powerful, independent and unstoppable beings. We’re on the same team. We won't be bad for each other, always good. We are in a world in which we have to compete for everything we have because there isn’t enough opportunity. If we stick together and never let the light blind us, we can take over.

My music is always about something that has happened to me and the situations I have been in. This particular song is about how I have witnessed women turning against each other to further themselves. I have witnessed men using their power to put women against each other. Men have also used their power to get us to do what they want; we have been kept silent for way too long.  This song speaks more truth about who I am and what I believe in - like my album Hija de Chavez. I also co-wrote it [Be Bad] with the incredible writer and musician Wrenn, who completely understood what I was talking about. We created this beautiful song with a message of support for one another and knowing we are stronger together.

As an artist who recently began their career within the music industry, how does it feel to be one year into the process of creating and recording songs? As one who is heavily embedded within the entertainment scene, how do you feel writing and recording music varies from being on-set and the overall acting scene?

It feels like magic. I can’t believe that I finally have created an album with my own ideas, thoughts, and feelings that I’ve been waiting to let out. I love that I can use music to escape and turn a bad day or situation into something positive. I tell my truth as an artist and as an actor just as I tell someone else’s truth. It feels so good to write about my own vulnerabilities and know that I’m not alone. Everyone goes through their own struggles in life but if writing about my struggle has helped someone else with theirs then I did my job. And what a beautiful gift that is.  Working on music is a bit more late nights and vibes. Acting is a bit more strict and time is very important. With music, I feel freer, able to let loose and be myself.

I have gotten so much love and I have been blessed to record with one of the most talented producers in the game. Andre Harris is someone who has worked with incredible artists like Whitney and Michael Jackson. Just to be in his studio around such great energy is a blessing.

You're the kind of artist that is instinctively attracted to projects that contain truth and meaning, tackling prominent issues that occur within society today. Do you feel that you're stimulated to use your music as a platform in hopes of imparting some of these imperative messages you find yourself akin to within your sound?

Yes, yes, yes. I do believe what Harry Belafonte said about artists' being the gatekeepers of the truth.  I am a part of an organization called The Justice League and my mentor Carmen Perez has always been supportive. She created a beautiful song with Mysonne called “Believe”. Music joins us, makes us believe, and gives us hope. I hope to continue making music that makes a difference, even if that might make some people uncomfortable.

Thank you for talking with us, Jackie Cruz. We're excited and intrigued to see where your artistry takes you next. As of now, how do you plan to continue the growth of your sound, and what direction are you hoping your music blossoms into next?

I’m so excited because every day feels like the beginning for me. I always want to incorporate my roots of the Dominican Republic and blend my country’s sounds to the sounds of my childhood in America; a little bit of Rock n’ Roll. I hope to go back to my country and work with musicians for my next album. I don’t want to put myself in a box, so I won’t put my music in a box either. My music will be full of the colors and sounds of my culture. Thank you for supporting my latest single and much love to you BuzzMusic.



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