Okayyy Bee Brings a Whole New Wave of Motivation With New Song “C.R.E.A.M.”

American Hip Hop artist Okayyy Bee was drawn into the music business in a quirky way when his rapper friends asked him to contribute to a song they were made by writing a chorus. Finding it incredibly easy and worthwhile, he took to creating his own music that would inspire and spread positive energy to all his listeners. His latest release is a collaboration with artist SoHusky. “C.R.E.A.M.” by Okayyy Bee and SoHusky takes motivational and passionate lyrics and wraps them up into a catchy hip hop beat. This track is perfect for that little extra push you may need to go out and pursue your dreams, or would even sit nicely on a pump-up workout playlist. Okayyy Bee is involved in the engineering of his own songs, so he has the creative freedom to make his songs truly unique. He adds in vocal effects and fierce percussion to make the most of his vibrant track, a definite attention grabber. He raps about seizing the moment that’s in front of you and pushing hard for the things you want. The world is passing you by while you wait for the right moment. Make sure to discover Okayyy Bee’s sound for yourself and give his new song a listen. Check out “C.R.E.A.M.” by Okayyy Bee by clicking here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Okayyy Bee! Thank you for sharing your new song with us, it was a pleasure to listen to! What does the acronym “C.R.E.A.M.” stand for? How does the image of an ice cream truck on your album art relate to your song? The acronym stands for “Cash Rules Everything Around Me”. I got the inspiration from a picture that I saw of Wu-Tang Clan and I feel like this song is a way of us giving or “serving” the listeners with inspirational lyrics.

Before you dipped your toes into songwriting in 2015, did you have any interest in pursuing a career in music? Were you always planning to go into something creative? Before I dropped out of college in 2014 I wanted to declare my major in music production even though I had never done it before. I talked to my friends about the major and they had told me I wouldn’t make any real money in it so I let them talk me out of it. When I came home my cousin let me borrow his laptop with Garageband and I started playing around with it and 5 years later I’m making music full-time. Crazy how the universe works right. I was really into athletics growing up. I thought I would pursue my career in football until I left school but then I began personal training and thought that could be it. I was happy, but the music was what I really loved to do once I started.