On Repeat: Sean Reed Price “Snake Charmer”

Sean Reed Price is hard at work in the studio working on his debut solo album “Cosmic Snake”. This release comes after a hiatus from music as Sean was a previous member of the Hermosa Beach-based psychedelic blues-rock power trio: Temporal Love. Sean left LA and spent time traveling around Central American and Northern California/ Now based in LA;s South Bay, Sean Reed Price is back and better than ever, with no plans to slow down. 

Featured on his upcoming album is the single “Snake Charmer”. As things build within the track, that quick familiarity in the melodic development takes you by the hand and guides you right into the center of the action, resulting in a brilliant and musically satisfying hook that tops it all off perfectly. There’s a recognizable twang to Sean’s style of songwriting, the indie rock aura pours through in the voice and indeed in the way the whole build-up and drop proceed to resolve. The music envelops you, prompting you to escape or feel energized, at the same time as considering or relating to these deeply personal and honest, poetically presented lyrics. The energy of the song rises up slowly but in a rhythmically entrancing manner, seeming to wash over you like a wave, the bigger moments crashing into action before the sound drags back out to sea. “Snake Charmer” is well worth a listen or two! 

Check out “Snake Charmer” here and keep scrolling for more with Sean Reed Price! 

Hey there Sean! Welcome to the BuzzMusic community! Can you share with our readers how the overall production of "Snake Charmer" went? 

Thanks! Glad to be a part of it. I usually start with the bare bones of a song; mainly the chords on guitar, a vocal melody with lyrics, and maybe an idea for a bass line. Then I'll lay out the structure; the tempo, time signature and any rhythmic changes. I like to be open to new ideas while I am recording other parts, and will adjust the various elements to accommodate if necessary. For example; after coming up with the flute & sitar arrangement on the keyboard, over the chorus part, I had to adjust two of the guitar chords to better fit the harmony I had come up with. For the drums I used Logic Pro X's "Drummer" program to dial in a general feel for the song, and went in later to adjust the MIDI to add in any fills, cymbal hits, stops, and to make the kick and snare sync up better with the bass. The bridge and outro were pretty much set from old demos I recorded, and were just a matter of getting good takes for the guitar and harmonica solos. I had fun recording the flute solos over the verses on keyboard as well- I love messing with exotic scales haha. 

Can you describe where you drew your inspiration from in order to curate "Snake Charmer"?

I love to incorporate imagery into my lyrics, and to tell a story. I also like the idea of pairing an audio and visual experience- so, I'm doing illustrations for each song on this album. I take inspiration from something I recall, I think, Jimi Hendrix saying about creating his own mythology in music. Over the course of my travels, and throughout my exploration of meditation and self-inquiry, I developed a connection to the archetype of the snake. So, I felt compelled to use that symbolism in a song. The song is mainly about transformation, and recognizing that, while we may not realize it, the adverse situations we find ourselves in might just be the catalyst to awaken our highest potential.

What prompted your split from Temporal Love, if you don’t mind us asking?! Do you prefer being a solo musician?

I think that we just diverged over time, in terms of creative compatibility. In the beginning we started in a very strong collaborative flow; I wrote the lyrics, did the artwork, and we collaborated on the music. I encouraged Tyler (T-Love's lead guitar player) to write his own tunes and sing, and we each began developing our own styles. After a while though, I felt like the band moved in a direction where my creative vision wasn't being fully utilized or expressed. So, In combination with that and being fed up with my manufacturing job at the time, I lost interest, and decided to travel and do some introspection and healing. It would be fun to get the old band back together, but everyone has since moved on to other projects. At this point, I have such a vision for what I am creating, and it is fun having total creative freedom and control over the entire production. I'm not opposed to collaborating with others, but as of right now, I'm really only looking for a backing band to help bring my songs to life. 

What're the predominant changes you face within your music from when you first started creating, to now?!

I started writing songs my sophomore year of high school, and back then I didn't really know what I was doing in terms of music theory or storytelling haha. I have always felt that I have an intuitive sense for music though, and over the years have been able to marry that to a more technical understanding. I have definitely gone through a journey of refinement in my songwriting, and I am much more critical of my work than I used to be. Unless I feel very satisfied with what I've written, I will often go through multiple drafts of a song until I find something more compelling or meaningful. In terms of musicality; as I continue to progress as a musician, I am able to incorporate more interesting chords and scales- whereas in the beginning, I was more limited by my understanding of music and the instrument. Also, now that I am doing all my own production and sound engineering, so that is a whole other level that wasn't there when I was first starting out.

It was awesome to showcase your music here to our BuzzMusic listeners! Any parting words of inspiration to aspiring singer/songwriters out there?!

Thank you! One thing I will say to aspiring singer/songwriters is that you have plenty of time to get to know yourself and to find your sound. The more I have learned about music, the less I feel that I know. Don't be in such a hurry for fame and fortune. Don't be afraid to look at yourself critically, but also don't let those observations determine your self worth. Be true to yourself, and create music that makes you feel alive. 

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