“One Hit Wonder”, but It's Only Up From Here: Skyward Story

February 23 | BuzzMusic

Originating from Baltimore, Maryland is the infatuating pop-rock trio that will get anyone up off there feet; Skyward Story. With indisputable catchy riffs, dynamic performance, and good spirits, these guys will easily soon be in your newest playlist. Alongside an album release, recorded by Matt Squire, the band is steadily working on new projects as they come up with new hits. Additionally, the band has plans to build themselves like never before. There newest single, “One Hit Wonder”, showcases their hard work and superior skills to write and produce.

With “One Hit Wonder”, it’s easy to see how much skill, uniformity, and like-mindedness the band has. From the first to last sound of this song, there is a presence of some good spirit that the band really knows how to capture. Additionally, I think the band does a great job of sounding like bands from this genre (All Time Low, Fall Out Boy, Panic at the Disco), without mimicking them or copying those band’s sound. Skyward Story also does a very good job of being very inviting and welcoming in their music. They write melodies that anyone could sing/remember to create a better bond with not just their fans, but also new listeners. They still stay true to traditional rock instruments but aren’t afraid to use a synth or two. Furthermore, I like the way the band incorporated an acoustic drum kit because it adds a flavor of rock to an otherwise more pop-ish song. Skyward Story is one of the first bands we have listened to in the pop-rock genre that isn’t biting from old favorites and we're all for it.

Listen to “One Hit Wonder” here.