One Outta Ten's "The Only Lovers Left Alive" is a Garage-Pop Anthem for Anyone in Need of a Boost

One Outta Ten is the L.A. Garage-Pop passion project between brothers Joshua and David de Leon.

The pair have been hammering-out infection tunes since their high school years of aspiring to become a rock-stars, playing concerts out of their garage for friends, and nourishing their fantasies. Their latest single, "The Only Lovers Left Alive," feels like a scheme split between Albert Hammond Jr. and an adolescent Alex Turner in a bid to imbue these five hopeful post-punk minds with some carbonated flare and hopeless romance. 

Though Joshua's lyrics are swoony and stimulating—"please forgive me, baby, you're everything I need, I need a reality check because loving you will make me bleed"—his carbonated yearning vocals make it clear that the band is having a blast, buzzing over the standard convivial sonics pumping from their well-worn amps.

Though the song oozes with the tension of ro