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Open Your "Window," and Let Brittney Crush Guide You

As seen performing live at STAPLES Center for the LA Clippers and LA Sparks, Taste of Soul Music Festival Atlanta, and opening for Legendary disco queen Gloria Gaynor, Los Angeles-based Brittney Crush embodies the nature of a powerhouse femme icon with her electric vocals, edgy lyrics, and a one of a kind stage presence.

Originally from Hartford, Connecticut, she began her music career while earning her bachelor’s degree in New York City. As a lover of live music and ensembles, she and her band have grown to produce and perform shows that leave the audience with an unforgettable sonic experience.

Exuding a versatile skill set that effortlessly flows into a sparkling offering of enigmatic melodies, Brittney Crush puts forth her most recent single “Window.” Fusing together the genres of R&B and Pop, Brittney Crush undeniably sets a tempo in a lane deemed her own in which she embraces envelope-pushing familiarities that allow her artistry to illuminate souls around the world.

As she adds a pep in her step that counterbalances the sprinkled edge that fluently falls from her presence, the tantalizing framework in place have you gravitating towards the honeyed opulence that shimmers in a glistening spotlight. Brittney Crush portrays her unparalleled songwriting skills in a way that pays homage to the tried and true techniques that are known to draw a fan base towards the intricately crafted words.

Accompanying the buoyant instrumentation by pairing it with vocals soaring in a sky of ease, the top-notch production plays upon the 70's-themed cinematic component that combines with her message about chasing all the fulfillment that life and love promises.

Simmering in a sea of unique vibrations that gracefully release from her euphonious timbres, the dynamism produced by Brittney Crush remains supreme as she ramps up to douse her audience in mesmerizing visuals for “Window.”

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Brittney Crush, and congratulations on the release of “Window.” We love the energy that floats in the composition! What inspired the songwriting that is present in this track?

This track was actually written right before Covid really hit hard. I was feeling all kinds of unsure emotions as a full-time recording artist, and felt like the only true comfort I could find amidst this crazy lifestyle I was living was love. Money, Success, and materialistic things all felt good at the moment but quickly faded. I wanted to let listeners know that even people like myself who get to travel and seemingly live out their dreams, still become unhappy if they don’t have true genuine love around them. No material thing could ever replace that.

Could you please take us into the creative process for the music video? Were the nostalgic-themed visuals always a goal of yours when bringing this idea to life?

Honestly, the 70’s nostalgic vision came from my producer and I instantly fell in love with the vision. When you hear the guitar and production of Window, you automatically feel a groove and there isn’t a groovier time to me than the 70s. I instantly knew I had to have a scene with an Afro and a funky gold tooth hands down! The rest of the wardrobe came from weeks of thrifting around West Hollywood. I, like a lot of people, also felt like 2020 sucked so I was all on board for shooting a visual in a time period when things were simpler!

Did you work with any producers or engineers to help the essence of your dreamy confidence fly high in “Window?"

My producer Corey Cooper was definitely a huge help in making the vocals fly high. The harmonies were so essential to the feel of the record as a whole and vocal arrangements are his strong suit. My engineer also helped make some final touches that really sonically took the record to the place I wanted and gave me a lot of confidence musically.

What is the main message that you send out to your audience as an artist?

To be genuine and passionate in everything you do. If you’re an indie artist like myself, own that. Own your journey, your struggles, own everything about yourself.

What can we expect to see next from you?

You can expect to see more visuals and hear more timeless records like "Window" all 2021!

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