OUT NOW: Justin Paul Sanders Release Ethereal Ballad “It’s Only You”

Justin Paul Sanders is a Los Angeles based performing artist and prolific songwriter. He has over ten years of experience performing at California's premier venues. With 2 EP’s and four singles in his impressive repertoire, Justin is the one to watch! He is a working professional full time musician, with residencies at Pechanga Casino, Temecula Wineries, and many other breweries and pubs around Southern California. His new album "Beverly Blue", (Keith Armstrong (Cher/Green Day Chris Cornell) mix, (Sterling Sound Nashville Master (The Beatles), is an expressive album of five heavy hitting rock/indie tunes. The album will be released at Belly Up August 3, 2019. 

“It’s Only You” is a haunting and heart-wrenching single by Justin Paul Sanders. The alluring ballad is a stirring anthem to showcase Justin’s finely-tuned skill as a songwriter and performer. Through his artistic delivery and sound, Justin is able to highlight his undeniable talent and established sound. The instrumentals paint a soundscape in the listeners mind while Justin’s hypnotizing vocals take us on a journey through the trials and tribulations of love. “It’s Only You” is a piece that perfectly represents Justin and his emotive journey through songwriting, because of this he’s able to be vulnerable and connect with his fans on another level. I highly recommend you listen to “It’s Only You” and stay on the lookout for Justin Paul Sanders and his future releases!

Listen to “It’s Only You” here and read more below in our exclusive interview! 

Hey Justin! Welcome to BuzzMusic! Can you tell us more about your upbringing and how you got started in music?

My upbringing was a very musical one. I started playing guitar at around age 12 (at the moment I found my dad's Gibson Acoustic in the closet). During my high school years, I was in a couple bands, mostly with my brothers/neighbors/and some with school friends. Though I did not do much formal study of music, I always knew that having a good ear was enough and that that was what I needed to focus on perfecting. As my ear and talent improved in my early years, I became more adaptive to all musical environments and more versatile (multi-instrumental) overall as a player. Music is my emotional release and outlet. It has always been this way and I feel its my duty to create it to heal and help others.

We love your track “It’s Only You”, it’s very awakening. What emotions did you channel in order to write this piece?

"It's Only You" (formerly named "Muse") was originally inspired by a beautiful girl I met on the beach in San Diego years back. The verse "hey you, yea you, as certain as the sky is blue, is the longing that I have for you" was apparently written to the feminine muse, which I have found to be the best source of motivation and inspiration personally. The catchy and memorable chorus was written with my producer Tyler Demorest here in LA (ABC Studios/Silverlake) with the intent of writing a good pop melody that listeners will not forget. The emotions that I am expressing are gratefulness, love, longing, and a bit of melancholy. The overall theme is the expression of love and adoration for someone who sparked interest in you, something that all listeners have experienced in one way or another.

Can you dive into the meaning behind your lyricism in “It’s Only You”?

The underlying tone of the lyrics behind "It's Only You' is the longing for a particular lover. The songs lyrics are an expression of ones adoration for a lover, and a lyrical expression of what someone meant to you.

Do you have any musical influences that inspire your music? How so? 

I most definitely have many musical influences in life. These include life itself and the situations I find myself in, love and loss. The world will always give me things to write about. I have found living in Los Angeles very inspiring when it comes to my songwriting because I see so much of real life here (the good and the bad). I must say the feminine muse (women) have always been one of the strongest driving forces behind my songwriting.

What can listeners expect from your upcoming album?

"Beverly Blue" will deliver very high quality sounds and moods to its listeners. The album is very self reflective, offering listeners many moods to visit, from the writer to the listener. I am very pleased with my team of professionals involved- Keith Armstrong and Sterling Sound (Nashville) deliver a very pleasant listening experience to all audiences. The album will better introduce who I am to the world in the best median of expression/art- music.

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