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Overcome The Pain Of Breaking Your Trust With Avery Grace In “BEAUTIFUL DISASTER”

Los Angeles-based alternative pop artist Avery Grace dropped her new single “BEAUTIFUL DISASTER,” bending multiple genres.

Avery Grace is a 20 years old singer and songwriter passionate about exploring the diversity of sounds from multiple genres to create a signature of her own. But also to express what she puts in her song in the best way possible. She has more than 300k streams on Spotify, and her songs are in more than 4k playlists since her debut in 2020.

“BEAUTIFUL DISASTER” is about being hurt by someone breaking your trust after you gave them all of you. But still, you know you are worth it, and that person lost more than you did. They will realize it to the point of finding it hard to fall asleep. “BEAUTIFUL DISASTER” has an empowering atmosphere with dark instrumentals and powerful vocals.

“BEAUTIFUL DISASTER” starts with a trap track with a pop ambiance and Avery Grace’s skilled and melodic vocals. The trap instrumentals make it chilling and energizing, while Avery Grace’s voice adds a dreamy sensation. Her lyrics are catchy, and her strength is contagious. You end up singing along before you realize it.

“BEAUTIFUL DISASTER” is the song you need to remember how worthy you are and draw lines in your relationships. A failed romance hurts, and the feelings don’t leave soon. But your self-love must be greater than the pain. Avery Grace’s lyrics and her expressive and melodic voice will help you remember that.

Hit the play button on “BEAUTIFUL DISASTER” and receive your recharge of empowering self-respect.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Avery Grace and congratulations on your single, "BEAUTIFUL DISASTER." What is the story behind the lyrics of “BEAUTIFUL DISASTER”

"BEAUTIFUL DISASTER" was empowering to write, create, and hopefully empower those who listen to it. Essentially, this song is about boundaries. We all have our limits in life, relationships, friendships, etc. There’s a point in most situations where we have to discuss or consider our limits. I’ve been in relationships where the other person will push me to the point of no return. Hence, something seemingly beautiful turns to disaster. But it’s for the best.

How did you decide what music to give your lyrics? Or was it the other way around?

When I started writing songs and making music, I would listen to a track or beat and create lyrics. Since I started working with Teddy Marquee, I have now experimented with different writing techniques. Sometimes we will work on music production, write lyrics OR focus on song structure and lyrics before diving into the production. For this track, I came into the studio with the phrase “Beautiful Disaster,” and we worked off that.

What makes “Beautiful Disaster” different from your other works?

“BEAUTIFUL DISASTER” is the title track to my recent EP, the first project I’ve written that’s completely based on my experiences and what I’ve seen since moving to Los Angeles. From start to finish, this EP is a story about new experiences, heartbreak, growing up, and so on. As the title track, I used “BEAUTIFUL DISASTER” to set the tone for the rest of the EP.

Is there a message you would like to send to your listeners that you couldn’t put in “Beautiful Disaster?"

Respect the boundaries of yourself and others. Don’t stay in a situation you know is wrong for you just because it seems beautiful or society tells you to. Stand up for what you know in your heart is right.

What’s next for you?

I plan to continue to release music and collaborate with more artists this year. I’d love to get back into performing in LA as well. On top of that, I plan to continue my work behind the scenes and grow my songwriting skills.

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