Overlooking the Music of Modern R&B/Hip-Hop Artist Dane

Contemporary R&B artist Dane hails from Chicago, IL, and has already established his place here at BuzzMusic for his incredible sense of flow. Dane really focuses on producing catchy melodies that listeners can move along to, and his impressive sense of harmony shines right through his music. One of Dane's most recent pieces of work, "Cash Rules", honed in on showcasing these novel characteristics of Dane's music, as he explores the depths of R&B music. With Dane, we even receive bluesy elements, which accentuates the rhythm of his tracks. He's the kind of artist that isn't afraid to incorporate eclectic stylings in order to elevate the quality of his sound. We're impressed with Dane's sense of exploration in sound, especially with his most recent releases, and we're ultimately satisfied with the content he's providing for listeners. Although Dane follows along with those modern R&B components, he also delves into the various soundings available in the hip/hop music scene. All in all, it's safe to say that Dane provides a mixed sound for listeners that highlight numerous genre stylings, contributing to the characterizable sound of his music. Future music from Dane will come in the form of his third EP, titled 'W.H.A.L.E', representing the phrase "What Happens After Long Effort". We're intrigued by what Dane will display next in his upcoming releases.

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