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Ow!n’s Music is The Change The Universe Is Looking For

Canada’s own Hip-Hop artist Ow!n captivates us by spreading love and good vibes through his music. Ow!n’s determination and dedication to change this universe needs is evident in his music.

His latest release showcases the incredible drive that he has for his musician career. “No Cap” creates an elusive and hard-hitting ambiance that will instantly transport you to a late-night summer club. From the uptempo sonic atmosphere to the delivery of his witty wordplay Ow!n’s “No Cap” is memorable and will be replaying in your mind long after the song is finished.

2020 has been a rough year for many, and Ow!n is no exception to the events of this. This year has taught him that each day is a blessing and not to take any minute for granted. Ow!n has been trying to focus on the little things rather than being overwhelmed by the big picture. His friends and family have kept him striving to be the best version of himself! With all that Ow!n has to offer, we anticipate his skyrocket to success.

You can learn more about Ow!n here.



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