Owl Green and The Palmer Square Have Released Hip Hop Single “Monster” with Rock and Roll Flavours

Christopher Catalano is an up and coming songwriter and rapper from the Bay Area, California who makes his music under the name Owl Green. From a young age, he has been absorbing musical inspiration through musical legends and training himself vocally to improve his technique. Owl Green has recently teamed up with artist The Palmer Square to produce their new release “Monster.” The Palmer Square is a rap duo based in Chicago who has collaborated with many artists over the years including Merkules, Saba and Umphrey’s McGee. Over the course of their career, they have made multiple top charts and performed across the country as they continue to tour and release new music. With the combined efforts of The Palmer Square, Owl Green has released a brand new sound for their hip-hop audience.

“Monster” is a combination of rock and roll and hip-hop. The instrumental music includes a traditional rock drum beat mixed with electric guitar riffs to make up the melody. Apart from the instrumental aspect, “Monster” is made up completely of rap verses and hip-hop flow. The lyrics spotlight a “monster in the street,” which is a phrase repeated throughout the song. “Monster” is filled with a variety of metaphors that represent various ideas including self-empowerment, motivation and testing the law. Although it may not jump out to their audience at first, it is clear that Owl Green and The Palmer Square have a relevant message they are trying to share. The intense lyrics of the hip-hop verses peppered with rock and roll tendencies are what give “Monster” its dynamic energy. Owl Green and The Palmer Square do a fantastic job of bringing new flavors to the rap genre for their growing audience.

Listen to "Monter" here.