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Pack Your Bags For An Enticing "Day Trip" With Lucas Writer

2019 had Boston native Lucas Writer embarking on his musical journey and showcasing his artistry to the world through a series of released singles. The melodic, catchy, and thought-provoking essence of his sound is further being developed in NYC as Lucas Writer has transplanted himself there to grow in his pursuit of music and an ever-growing brand.

As we dive into the lush guitar riffs and vibrant harmonies that greet us upon pressing play on Lucas Writer's latest single, "Day Trip," we're transported to a pulsating atmosphere of alluring grooves and enriching energy.

With a knack for fitting enthralling rhyme schemes into the musical pocket of the beat, Lucas Writer takes advantage of the peaks and valleys heard in the instrumentation allowing his lyrics to paint vivid imagery that takes us on a first-hand day trip inside his mind.

From a songwriting perspective, we love how Lucas Writer's ability to shine a light on being fully present through this journey in the clouds allows us to be pulled in and present on the musical essence of "Day Trip."

The track is rich in a narrative with our imagination running rampant as we bask in lyrical motifs like, "Cause the road is our home now. I'm feeling like we're homebound. But there is no destination awaiting. We just live for the moment."

Featuring Diana Marie, who accompanies Lucas Writer to produce well-rounded melodies that wrap you in a feel-good essence, these two share a brilliant dynamism. Yet, at the same time, the focus teeters between who is taking the lead on the invigorating pre-chorus and hook.

Demonstrating that music is merely the tip of the iceberg for Lucas Writer, he ensures his listeners are brought on a sonic journey through each move he makes. With no signs of letting up on this emerging songwriter, Lucas Writer has us following along with his every move.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Lucas Writer! We're thrilled to have you here discussing your latest single release, "Day Trip." You bring forth such optimistic energy through this song, which we could all use more of in this day and age. Do you often take this approach to your music?

My approach when it comes to my music is to spread hope in some way, shape, or form. Even if the stories that I tell aren't always positive, I feel that whether something good or bad happens, there's something to take away from it. I want the truth behind my lyrics to resonate deeply with my listeners, just like it does for me.

With each lyric of this single grasping onto the thrill of packing your bags and heading out for a journey of the unexpected, what moment or story inspired the imaginative concept of "Day Trip"?

The name of the actual beat was called Day Trip, and the moving graphic displayed a car going through a scenic backroad. The opening line of the song "We can take a Day Trip" was the first thing that popped in my mind. From there, I imagined myself on my own Day Trip, and that's how I was able to write the lyrics to the song.

What has been your favorite trip that you've taken to date? What made it special for you?

My girlfriend had surprised me with a trip to Miami, Florida, during the pandemic. The flights were so cheap, and we were still in a long-distance relationship. We would come to see each other every three weeks alternating between New York and Boston. The thing about the trip was she was telling me what to pack, and I was totally oblivious to the whole trip. This was our first vacation together, and it was one we desperately needed. Everything from the food to being on the beach to our date night to enjoying each other's company made it very special and memorable.

The dynamic between yourself and Diana Marie brings a diverse life to this song. What was it like working with Diana Marie to bring this song to the public ear?

I love working with other artists in general, but I really enjoy working with artists that I'm a fan of. When we started the session, I did my parts first, and then she did her parts. Whenever I'm featuring someone on a record, I can already hear if their voice will fit with the record. I knew she'd be perfect for the song, and I wasn't wrong about it. Her voice accompanied mine perfectly, but it elevated the track to another level. I believe the best moments are when a song comes out exactly how you heard it. It's such an amazing feeling and accomplishment.

We're so excited to hear that you're currently working on your debut EP, "A Cheesy EP." Taking time to construct this project where patience is key, what are you able to shine a light on what we can expect to hear from it?

Expect to hear simple love songs with nostalgic, cheesy/corny, and vibrant elements to them. I purposely did not do too much and chose to keep it simple but add certain elements that give the tracks some versatility. I cannot wait to hear the response and how people are living with the music. This is just the beginning of more music, but I'm so glad to get this EP out and let people hear these songs for themselves.


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