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Palawn Invites You To Dance Your Worries Away On “Weekend (Let’s Party)”

Born in the vibrant musical city of Saint Louis, Missouri, before growing up in southern Illinois, Ian Coulter-Buford, a.k.a PALAWN, has always had a good relationship with music.

Influenced by trailblazers such as B.B. King, Dolly Parton, Dawn Richard, and Celine Dion, the eclectic artist is a musical shapeshifter of the highest degree. His music breaks down barriers and transcends boundaries, ranging from reflective releases where he tackles issues like mental health before shedding those worries and dancing them away on euphoric, rhythmic tracks that make you want to hit the dancefloor.

PALAWN’s passion for music and storytelling through his songs was sparked at age 14, and he’s been steadily improving his craft ever since, both in sound and substance. With a mantra that states, “God is love, love is love, period,” it should come as no surprise that PALAWN exerts every effort to keep his music as a force for good.

Stating that his music “aims to celebrate and normalize the black queer experience” in an industry where authenticity is scarce, he’s unashamed and unafraid to be his best self. This authenticity bleeds through to his music, infusing each release with enough energy to keep you spellbound for a long time.

“Weekend (Let’s Party)” is PALAWN’s latest release and a dynamic single that will have you dancing in no time. Featuring bouncy, energizing instrumentals grounded in electro-pop, PALAWN’S carefree and enticing vocals melt your worries away.

Dropping lyrics like “Vibes are right we’re going all in / Cuz It’s time to party, it’s the weekend” and “The dance floor’s hot I’m giving nothing less / Grooving sweating forget ‘bout all the stress,” PALAWN invites you to cut loose and dance your troubles away. “Weekend (Let’s Party)” is an indicator of big things to come, and PALAWN should be one you keep an eye out for in the future.

With an effortless flair for addicting melodies, PALAWN’s music possesses undeniable universal appeal, transcending boundaries and resonating with diverse audiences worldwide. Whether at a packed club, driving with the windows down, or seeking to elevate your mood, tap in and stream PALAWN’s new release, “Weekend (Let’s Party), available now on all major streaming platforms.


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